Archie Panjabi puts down Julianna Marguiles lies, lies, damn lies.

(source: vulture, twitter)


I love how, after years of forced silence, Archie Panjabi can finally call out Julianna Margulies for the bullying yes, that’s right, bullying she got on the set of The Good Wife. Marguilies was not only the star of TGW but she was also a producer of TGW. 

I know that majority of the time fights between actresses are made up by the media, this time it wasn’t. And the thing is, no one would have notices if the feud (is it even a feud if the power is skewed heavily in one direction?) didn’t affect the storyline and the characters, but it did in a terrible, terrible way resulting in the Great Greenscreen Gate where Kalinda and Alicia’s final scene together were filmed seprately.  (Hence the above article). It was so sloppily done that a lot of people (including me) were so offended that the showrunners tried to play it off as a business as usual.

That Kalinda and Alicia who were once great friends and who had such a big part in each other’s lives, in a scene where they had to say goodbye to each other that would have been fraught with so much emotion and they weren’t even shot at the same time. 

And its such a sloppily done green screen effect too and yet they wanted us to believe that Archie and Marguilies shot the scene at the same time, at the same place and it was just– for a fan who invested a lot in their friendship to end it that way just because one actress (Marguilies) was uncomfortable sharing space with another actress (Archie) for however long it took to film a five minute scene. It was insulting. 

Archie Panjabi is in a different network and a different show, which I hope will treat her better than CBS and The Good Wife ever did. It’s with some satisfaction and relish when I say: