A Comic Twist On The Damsels In Distress Story Proves We've ‘Reached A Tipping Point For Stories For Girls'
"Another Castle" is part of a larger trend of comics for girls and about girls, and its creators say it's only the beginning.

Check out this @mtvnews​ interview with writer Andrew Wheeler and artist @paulinaganucheau​ about their new upcoming series ANOTHER CASTLE.

Another Castle #1 Emerald City Comic-Con Exclusive variant illustrated by @margueritesauvage​!

My current twitter header.  Art by @margueritesauvage from our upcoming story in Civil War II: Choosing Sides #2.

Yes, that is America Chavez and Kate Bishop.

This comic also features: Misty Knight, Monica Rambeau, Silhouette Chord, Blue Marvel, Sam Wilson, Black Panther and…

Oh yeah!

Storm!  I got to write Storm, guys.

Did I mention I love comics recently?



My absolute favourite of all the Secret Wars titles is finally collected in TPB  and in stores today! I actually didn’t even know it was out until I walked into @silversnailto

If you’re gonna treat your loved one(s), or perhaps just yourself this Valentines Day, pick up this book! The ending is absolutely phenomenal and if Angela wasn’t already your favourite character, Sera definitely will be.  @stephanie-hans, @evilmarguerite,  @kierongillen along with @frazerirving, @prom-knight, @kodychamberlain and @margueritesauvage absolutely killed this book! 

Why are you still reading this? Go run to your local comic shop and pick this up!