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Name: Ellie

Birthday: 15th September

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Gender: Female

Favourite Colour: Teal

Current time: 11:02

Average amount of sleep: 7 hours

Lucky number: 14 for absolutely no reason

Last thing I googled: Facebook

Number of blankets I use: One

Favourite fictional character: Leisel (from The Book Thief)

Favourite famous person: Miriam Margoyles - I met her in Edinburgh once and she’s really lovely and seemed quite real.

Favourite Books: Harry Potter (obviously), Kingkiller Chronicles and The Catcher in the Rye

Dream trip: Italy

Dream job: not sure exactly, something language based.

What I’m wearing right now: black trousers and a blue vest

I’m tagging: cirael druellablacks harry-potter-cult harry-potterparty supernaturallyphantastic08

Possible Voice for Riv?

(FFFFFFF-…. So I was being complete nostalgia trash and watching the first Land Before Time movie and Babe movie, and like… I could totally see the two mom characters possibly being River’s voice claim? D8;;;;

I mean Helen Shaver is one of the LEGENDARY ‘toon moms’ as Littlefoot’s mother of course, but I just LOVE Miriam Margoyles as Fly the Sheep Dog in Babe. The way she says ‘dear’ and ‘good heavens’ is just PERF.

But srsly like both of them have that real even ‘mom’-tone. And I’ve always imagined River having such a relaxed mom voice that’s just pleasant as heck to listen to. Which probably helps add to the aggravation of other people when she starts talking the the dorkish things she does. xD;;;;)