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Laura Marling's new album goes from mellow to intense about 6 times over, it's good for writing, and The Mountain Goats have some damn surprisingly beautiful music. I recommend giving Broom People, The Mess Inside, and Maybe Sprout Wings a listen.


so apparently family made plans and i’m gonna be leaving like noonish tomorrow, so no hobbit tomorrow night :’(

i’ll see it with my family on sunday though ;u;

so i believe older sister’s boyfriend is coming at our house on saturday afternoon and mom wants us all to be there or something (i’m bad at hearing sometimes but i caught that much) which is why i’m leaving early ;w;

also apparently there’s some kinda family party thing we’re having i dont even know?? and sunday is just church then food then downtown for christmas pics or something and then the hobbit at 5, idk after that but yeah i’m gonna be out for the weekend.. ;w;

today while walking like 30 minutes back to my dorm i kept sending anna messages about how it was gonna pull me in and drain me and sometimes sending her pics as i got closer and it got bigger

and then i averted by going into a building so the walls blocked me from continuing on (aka my apartment)

it’s funny cause there’s a game there tomorrow askjdsg

oh my god i just accidently sent a  text to anna that i meant to courts due to me being half asleep and not looking at the name of contact

im so glad it was her but not like someone ok like anyone else really but stilll hides faces 

if anything she’ll just laugh at me sobs (not in a bad way no worries)

im just

im just gonna eat


write my dream

and then get ready for classes i have a long day today and i need to go in 2 hours (i woke up randomly early)