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May 01, 2013

From what seem to be inspired by an active lifestyle, Kassy Pajarillo, designer of KAS by Design came up with the RAS WRAP after she got into a situation after yoga practice that she needed to attend a client engagement.

“Necessity opens up windows to opportunities,” said Kassy. “From what seemed to be just a headband I tried to stitch and use to help my hair stay put during yoga practice and running session, came out this piece of what seemed to be just holes and a very long yard of cloth”

A piece of clothing which can be used several ways according to body type, “I was surprised that it can actually transform into so much more than just a cover up”

Kassy finds designs inspired by what is functional, easy to lug and organic. She also aim to support what is solely made from the Philippines and appreciate handmade items which takes days to make.

RAS WRAP was coined from her supportive friend who was an inspiration and motivation to her entrepreneurial venture. The RAS WRAP is dedicated and is truly made for the goal-getter, jet-setter, and the jill-of-all trades.

When asked about her long term goal, she shared  "I want to help women, perhaps, someday, I’d be able to come up with a foundation for women empowerment"

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