Here it is, my 2014 outfit roundup!!

It’s pretty cool to see what your style looks like from the other side of the lens all put together

I can see that it is definitely true, I do wear a lot of black.

Exceptions to the rule seem to be dark, richer tones {navy, teal, oxblood, mustard} or soft blush tones or an off white {some of those items were once actually white, but I can;t keep them bright through the wash}

Overall, not a bad year in fashion.  nothing I’m totally embarrassed by, which I would count as a win, but defectively things I tried and pushed myself to try. 

here’s hoping I push in the direction I want to be {stylewise} in 2015!

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I’m still figuring it out a month later. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m used to mac, or windows 8 is just very different, or if it;s both. How did you get a pretty background for that screen though??

Ok so I set my desktop background to the nice flowers (I found it on pinterest), then when you go to the start menu put your mouse up in the top right corner and the side panel will show up. Click on settings and you can personalise - it has all the Windows brand backgrounds, but you can choose your desktop background as the last option.


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noooooo! never put anything on your piercing that you wouldn’t put in your eye. Saline solution is the only thing…

Yeah, I thought so.. I’m just gonna keep using the aftercare and sterilized saline. If it doesn’t get better tomorrow or the day after i’ll just go see the piercer again. And yeah, it’s RLLLLY important to go to a proper place for piercings, I researched allll over before I got mine done lol :)

Wearing Metallica while listening to Whitney Houston… Yipes! Seriously considering turning all my rock shirts I never wear into crop tops!! outfit details on #psblogger #effyourbeautystandards #lavenderhair #selfie #ootd #plussizeblogger #plussize #croptop #dyedgirls #dyedhair #margotmeanie #fatshion


Some of my favourite outfit posts I’ve done this year….more photos, outfits & details on 💚💙💜


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House of Fraser // junarose 

{tumblr friendly version}

I couldn’t help but be woo’ed by this little black number by Danish brand, Junarose.  I have been admiring their brand for sometime, but had yet to indulge myself.  So when I was approached by House of Fraser, who wanted to get the word out about their ever expanding plus department, to pick an item I was like “HELLS YES!”

Up until then, I had been aware of House of Fraser, but was woefully unaware that they ship to Canada.  I’m very happy to be adding a new destinaion for Canadian plus sized shoppers!

It was reeeeeally hard to pick.  Their plus selection is truly diverse and incredibly well stocked with fashionable items!

In the end the  little black dress spoke to me the loudest, perhaps it’s because it was also the sparkliest!

I styled this dress a couple different ways.

Honestly, this dress does not require any additional adornments, as it, itself is a jewel!  But I wanted to share a few ways to do up this dress for different events.

The first look a bit more edgy and would be great for a dolled up house party.  I accessorized with some chunky platform boots and some geometric silver jewelry.  I did a smoky eye, with strong winged eyeliner {kinda a staple in my make up routine} and I did a softer lip, which was a Covergirl creme lipstick called “romantic”.

The other, a little more classic and perfect for a work holiday party or a New Years event.  I went with a simple, yet impressive heel and some big bling in my ears.  With this look I kept the strong upper lip eyeliner, but did a super sparkly soft pinky peach, eyeshadow as my lower lid eyeliner, while rocking a red ombre lip.  I used Rimmel’s Kate Moss branded matte lipstick in #107, which has been a favourite of mine since I got it {I actually need a new one} and I used a burgundy eye shadow from an Almay palette, to contour the outer lip.

The clutch and both these shoes are from my recent score whilst thrift shopping, I took better photos of them and shared them on my instagram.

I’ve already worn this once, to the closing night of V.Alt and I’m looking forward to more occasions and parties in the near future to bring this one out!

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// gold lion’s gonna tell me where the light is //

{tumblr version}

this is just a quick ‘hello!’ of an outfit post.  I’ve been a busy bee with the holidays arriving what with crafting, baking, decorating, making gift guides and birthdays I have been absent from taking outfit photos.

So this is from Sunday when I went down to a craft fare with Mister Meanie and one of my favourite couples to hang with, Amanda & Amelia.  After the market, we stopped in a beer tasting room for some samples and then split off to do some x-mas shopping.

This spot seemed ideal for a quick photo session so I asked the mister to take some photos before the light was gone.

Trying to get photos with the waning light has been a struggle.  It’s on the weekend or not at all and if the weather is wet, it ends up being not at all.

I can’t really link to anything I’m wearing as it’s either older, vintage,  thrifted or from Ross in Las Vegas.  But the skirt and hat are both from Forever21, but the skirt is a few years old meow and the hat is well over a year old at this point.  the jacket is by New Look from ASOS last year there are similar ones in stock though {here & here}

I’m really hoping for some snow, but it’s incredibly unlikely in this part of Canada.  We only get a few weeks at best, but if we do get it, you better believe I’ll be out there in a heartbeat trying to get multiple outfit sets.

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Friday I'm in Love #18

Friday I’m in Love #18

//This is what happens when four blacktip reef sharks swim amongst a school of fish. //

// East Van Love//

// Alicia Watkins’ embroidered microbes collection//

// Alicia Watkins’ embroidered microbes syphilis//

// Alicia Watkins’ embroidered microbes whooping cough//

//Which Buffy character are you?  I got Giles :D

//I’m going to see a beatnik play this weekend! Underbelly

//Just saw “In a World

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sasshleysimpson asked:

Do you have any tips for starting out in the blogging world? I've really been wanting to start a body pos/plus size blog but have no idea where to start and your blog is amazing, so I just thought I'd ask! :)

Thank you for your lovely words! 💕

As for starting a blog, I just recommend you start taking pictures and posting them! I signed up for a free wordpress blog and then linked my tumblr. My Tumblr is a shit mix of body positivity, others style, my style, political things that get me fired up and funny things that tickle my fancy while my wordpress {} is dedicated to my plus size style blogging.

On my WP blog I just started writing about everything I liked and made a point to post a few times every week so I got in the swing. While I did that, I slowly found my voice and my passion and was able to focus on that.

Don’t be discouraged if no one is following right away, it takes time for people to find you and it gives you time to experiment and get comfortable blogging. But the biggest thing is to stick with it, make it a part of you.

Happy blogging!!