margot webb

This vintage nail art is courtesy of Margot Webb (1910-2005) a dancer in the Cotton Club in the 1930s and then with her dance partner, Harold Norton, billed as “Norton and Margot.” There are some beautiful, rare pictures of Ms. Webb in the book (not this photo) but I like to bring this photo out every now and then to remind people that nothing is new.

Norton & Margot | 1934

From 1933 until 1946-47 Margot Webb and Harold Norton performed on the Afro-American vaudeville circuits of night clubs and theatres in the Northeast and the Midwest. Known professionally as" Norton and Margot,“ they were one of the few Afro-American ballroom. This publicity photo was signed ”To the sweetest Aunt in the world, My Marion, Lovingly Margot, 1934“.