margot berner


Katie Doolittle –> Pink

played by Margot Berner and Erin Sanders

If you don’t remember, Katie is the kid who was in 3.02 who got kidnapped by changelings. In our ‘verse her mother never stopped believing the thing she tried to drown in the lake was dead. Katie’s father was killed by monsters, and she grew up with her mother thinking she was one of them. 

If you’re having trouble telling which pictures are of Margot and which are of Erin, then hooray, I have done my job! The trick is looking for the mole/birthmark above her lip. (I really thought that second pic was Margot until I did.)

I am planning on doing one of these for each Next Gen character who gets a POV in our verse. (Right now, that is either 9 or 10, and I might do half-sets for the characters who only get one actor.) They will look cool when they’re done!