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Despicable Me is so important

if you follow my blog at all you’ll know that I absolutely fucking love Despicable Me. Like… LOVE. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. The writing, the comedy, the timing, the animation; it’s all incredibly well put together. 

In fact, I’m a fan of Illumination Studios in general. 

Granted, I’m not a fan of their movies. 

LE GASP you say. How can you be a fan of a studio but not all their movies

Becuase, dear reader, their movies lack a lot of things. And, for the most part, many of their movies aren’t really displays of “We Do What We Want”. They’re more “We Do What the Audience Wants.” Which… sort of makes sense. They’re a new studio. They don’t have the funds to really take huge risks yet. But god, their audience-pleasing choices can be so…. 

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Like remember that time a few people stood up and said “hey those Minions were sort of cool”

and Illumination Studios said 


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And brought us one of the most annoying things to grace this planet. 

Goddamit Illumination. 

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What the Despicable Me fandom thinks of the characters
  • Balthazar Bratt: very very gay and super 80s
  • Dru: precious muffin who is probably also very gay
  • Lucy: absolute queen do not mess with her
  • The girls: cute and need more screen time
  • Clive: basically our more adorable equivalent of Boba Fett
  • Gru: best dad ever
  • Scarlet Overkill: also a queen
  • Herb Overkill: adorbs nerd
  • Vector: also adorbs nerd
  • Minions: either the worst things ever or precious jellybeans
  • El Pollito: oh yeah it's that chicken
  • El Macho: purple mexican hairball
  • Antonio: either margo's boyfriend or a little brat
  • Balthazar: so I was thinking about ruling the-
  • Gru and Lucy: *literally making out*
  • Dru: *really angry and depressed with his messy hair, holding a mirror and comb*
  • Agnes: Fluffy? Fluffy?? *trying to connect with her toy unicorn*
  • Edith: *literally slicing empty boxes into oblivion with her katana*
  • Margo: *being unsociable on her phone*
  • *Nobody paying attention*
  • Balthazar: ..aS I WAS SAYING-
Despicable Me Movies MBTI


“The physical appearance of the please makes no difference. It is still no, so go to sleep.”

Gru has been dedicated to his vision from a young age (Ni).  He’s always been a bit of an outsider, but he eventually embraces being different, pretty much as far as he can.  Gru’s main concern isn’t with how he’s perceived or how he gets along with others; he has dreams and he is going to work hard to find inventive ways to implement them in reality.  He is a good organizer, enjoying being the minions’ leader and keeping things in order (Te).  Though on the surface he is not easily sentimental, Gru has a good soft spot inside, and he grows to care very much about those with whom he is close over time (Fi).


“Uh huh, what about the floor?  And what about the air?”

Very caring and protective of her younger sisters, Margo takes a while to open up and trust others.  She is direct and clear in her communication is very practical.  She can be witty and sarcastic, and she doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinions or ideas, sometimes outsmarting Gru.  Margo has a very kind and loving personality as well, but she doesn’t easily open that up to everyone, and she is used to being the adult among her sisters.


“Can I drink this?”

Edith is curious and playful, but more on the reserved side.  She has somewhat unusual interests, seeming to enjoy a bit of a darker side.  Edith is independent and tends to be quiet.  She is a tomboy with a bit of a destructive nature, and she is also brave and athletic.


“He’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” 

Agnes lives in an imaginative world.  She is always seeking possibilities, especially when they are meaningful to her interests, and she sometimes focuses more on this than the present aspect of a situation.  Agnes is playful, lively, spontaneous, and kindhearted.

Lucy Wilde–ENFP

“I wasn’t expecting that. Or was I?”

Lucy is enthusiastic, lively, and has an adventurous spirit.  She is always up for a new, exciting mission, and she enjoys exploring more and more ways of doing her job (Ne).  Sometimes her creative side takes over a bit, and being a dominant intuitive, she is also prone to be a little less organized in her physical world and actions.  

Dr. Nefario–INTP

“A dozen boogie robots. Boogie! Look at this! Watch me.”

With his scientific mind, Dr. Nefario loves to make new discoveries in the field that interests him.  He is inventive in his pursuits, and he’s a bit of an eccentric, but he’s great at exploring the powers of the mind.  He isn’t always the very best at taking orders or specifically following requests, sometimes getting caught up in his own ideas more so.


“These aren’t pajamas! It’s a warm-up suit.”

Vector loves the appearance of his villain’s life (Se).  He’s an inventor, and likes to create the best equipment he can (Ti).  As a perceiver, he is more of a relaxed seeming villain than Gru, preferring to optimize the ways in which his fortress and other tools can help him enjoy the life he’s leading.

Scarlet Overkill–ENTJ

“Doesn’t it feel so good to be bad?”

Scarlet masterfully runs her villainous life.  She is outgoing, and she loves to put on a good show.  First and foremost, everything must be under her control.  Scarlet also has her plans and sticks to them, always determined to achieve new goals.

Herb Overkill–ISTP

“Guys! Cut it out! This is really unprofessional!”

An intelligent inventor, Herb also loves a good time.  He is a laid-back man but still clearly somewhat of a genius, he follows Scarlet’s lead and supports her with both his inventions and his personal attention.  He’s also big on surrounding himself physically with what makes him happy, and he can sometimes get distracted from an intended job when something more enjoyable comes up in the moment.

El Macho–ESTP

“Somebody’s going to die tonight.”

El Macho is very macho.  He is colorful, outgoing, spontaneous, and thrill-seeking.  He loves to show off what he can do, taking on quite extreme endeavors to do so.  El Macho’s world revolves around the moment and the physical world.  He never fails to put on a big show, whether in the restaurant or as a villain.


“Oh, I love this guy! Look at him! But hair would make you better.”

Dru loves a good time.  A much more exuberant and spontaneous version of his brother, he’s really just about the opposite.  Dru thoroughly enjoys all the things that come with being a cool villain.  He is very friendly, charismatic, and outgoing.

Balthazar Bratt–ESTP

I’ve been a baaaad boy.”

An eccentric villain who loves the spotlight, Balthazar Bratt loves to make a show of all his endeavors.  He like to attract attention, turning heads with his performance-ready outfit and his outgoing, flashy personality.



The minions are a fun loving and lively bunch.  They are quite loyal to Gru and their jobs.  Spontaneously excitable, the minions are always up for a good time.  They are clever too, building and operating weapons (and often enjoying the process).  They often get caught up in their imaginative little worlds.


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