marginal vivid worker

You know what annoys me…probably not so I’ll tell you. How some of the coolest most bad ass charters in yume 2kki and. Yume nikki get little to almost no fan art or fan fictions why dose uboa get all the glory what about dogboua from yume 2kki you probably don’t even know who that is, there are so many AWSOME chatters that don’t get any acknolagemet why is it that that charter Marginal Vivid Worker bearly has any fan art when that is one of the coolest charters in the game I have seen some fan art but hardly any or aoshiru he dosen’t have that much fan art ether or karmen he’s pretty cool wat about him huh?So lets respect some of the minor charters they deserve some fan art or fan fictions I know there are fans of them out there who want to see more of them,but why am I saying I’m jut one person.