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voltron fic recs

does anyone have any recs for voltron fic with 

  • interesting worldbuilding (altea! lions! blade of marmora! earth!)
  • more than just two characters (i.e. the main pairing) have significant roles/speaking parts
  • relationship development isn’t solely focused on romantic love (not necessarily gen, but stories where “but are they in love?” isn’t the only problem to be resolved)

whenever i try to read voltron fic, i can’t seem to get past the layer of romcom that rises to the top. (great if it’s your thing! :/ it is not my thing.)

since it’s not fair to ask for recs without sharing some, so here are a few voltron fics I have enjoyed:

occluding junction (and other incidences of biology) by Kieron_ODuibhir (33k, gen + fantastic character observations + pre-S2 galra!Keith)

Keith’s solution to his steadily escalating problem is to hide it and hope it goes away. So instead of noticing what’s the matter with Keith, everyone notices the steady escalation of his hiding.

It’s only marginally an improvement. (It’s not an improvement at all.)

for what binds us by amillionsmiles (7k, keith/shiro + daemon AU)

This is who you are, Lupa had told him during his first medal ceremony, nose nudging the fist clenched at his side. Own it. Let them stare.

And people do. It’s impossible not to stare at Lupa, with the proud tilt of her head, that fierce canine intelligence and the way her black fur catches the light. Shiro’s loved her all his life, and the day she settled was one of his happiest moments.

He just wishes that it didn’t always feel like when people look at him, they’re seeing only his daemon.

It’s Confusing These Days by torch (55k, keith/lance + world building about the lions and the mice)

Lance definitely doesn’t like Keith. Like that. At all. No, really.

Meanwhile, there are shenanigans involving robots, fruit, knitting, and traditional Altean medicine. Also, the space mice are the true heroes of the story.

Nor Are We Forgiven by lokery (6k, Keith-centric so far, tragically unfinshed but it’s exactly the character-driven plotty world-building long fic I long for so I’m reccing it anyway)

Nineteen years ago, Emperor Zarkon’s most trusted general fell in love with a human woman. When the general and his lover were killed, Zarkon took in their infant son Kyryx and placed him with eager young soldier Sendak to be raised and trained in the ways of the Galran Empire.

My overall review of Wanted is that it’s a marginal improvement in execution compared to recent story arcs, but it still exemplifies most of the core issues that plague the series:

  • story arcs ending abruptly
  • lowered stakes for the main cast
  • wasted potential of good ideas that don’t get room to breathe
  • a lack of focus
  • Uncreative and repetitive settings
  • Inadequate character development (though we’ve yet to see how Steven would react, I could be wrong about that)
  • and a lack of agency for the protagonist

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do you have any beginner's tips for getting into running?

I mean I just sorta…did it. I started on a treadmill, mostly walking, then started running for very short periods of time (measured out by the tunes on my headphones – I’d run for one verse of a song, then half a song, then the full song, then a longer song). I wore terrible shoes and ugly clothes and made awful noises. I still make awful noises but the clothes and the shoes have marginally improved. 

IDK, it’s really whatever gets you to do the thing – the time, the way you dress, the level of privacy you have, all of those things have to go into account. Actually running isn’t really the issue (all considerations of ability/able-bodiedness aside), it’s getting the motivation to run and not being embarrassed while running. So focus on what will make doing it easiest, and from there most things take care of themselves.

My Sam Runs tag is mostly my run results and lifting and such, but if you scroll back eventually you’ll hit other essays I’ve written about this which may also help – happy hunting :D 

nothing’s ever made sense till you were next to me

For @bleachitwhite for making such good art and giving me so many feels and just being all around really cool


This is fine.

She is fine. Lucy is fine. Everything is just fine.

(She says it to herself four more times before she opens the door.

For some reason, it doesn’t feel fine.)

“Why yes, I do deliver,” Kara announces, dropping the bags on Lucy’s desk.

Lucy’s eyes widen, hair whipping up from her entrance. She holds up her hand, looks at her watch, “Under five minutes. That’s some fast service.”

“Fastest in town.” Kara brushes off her shoulder, watches Lucy from the corner of her eyes.

(Lucy’s smiling softly at her.

There’s a rush every time she sees it. Realizes there’s not much she wouldn’t do to get that small smile Lucy can’t contain as she looks away.

Not much she wouldn’t do for Lucy.)

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Episode 71, part 1, this is the worst double-date I’ve ever seen!

It is also the worst double-date Yami and Seto have ever been on. I don’t think the fact that it’s the only double-date they’ve ever been on OR the fact that it’s not actually a date would prevent either of them from characterising it as “the worst double-date I’ve ever been on”, I mean, look:

That mutual awkward boredom in both their expressions is the very essence of terrible double-dates.

And then there’s these assholes.


So, Yami and Seto have been forced - by a string of embarrassingly overwrought and ostentatious kidnappings - to duel Tol and Smol Ghoul on top of this incredibly high skyscraper. When someone hits 0 LP, a BOMB explodes the glass under their feet, sending them hurtling down the centre of the architecturally-impressive skyscraper to their presumed deaths. Why not just use the bomb to kill them? That would be TOO FOOLPROOF.

(I’m pretty sure Kaiba’s the only one in actual danger of dying though, since the Ghouls - spoiler alert - have an escape built in, and Yami’s Puzzle is supposed to protect him from cowardly attempts on his life. So yeah, Kaiba’s the only one. Although, that presumes that he is not able to use that ridiculous coat as a parachute, and that is obviously a very flawed presumption.)

The Ghouls - you’ll never guess this - have a THEME to their deck that matches their villain personas, and their theme is masks. Janky, janky masks…

THIS mask has bolts for eyes, which is a marginal improvement on having arms for eyes, but still lags way behind having eyes for eyes, in the eye department. It prevents Yami’s Mr Magnet (not real name) from being able to attack OR defend AND it deals 500 points of damage to Yami every turn, because it is broken.

Yami’s observing their strategy…

(Light guy is Smol) The Ghouls are playing a tight team game, where Smol plays buffs and traps and shit and Tol plays mostly monsters.

Yami can’t use Mr Masked Magnet to attack or defend, but Kaiba thinks that if he sacrifices it….

Yami, meanwhile, thinks “I have a bad feeling about this” but, if there’s one thing Yami’s better at than overdramatic posing while dueling, it’s figuring out there’s a trap and deciding the best way to deal with it is to immediately trigger it on himself, and he is REALLY good at overdramatic posing while dueling.

SO good, his jacket pales into a white sleeveless cape in shock

also #figureskatingau

Sadly, he’s also very good at triggering traps…

And obviously smarmy sausage-finger fuck-face Smol Ghoul is all “oh you ~fell for it~” like, STFU asshole, there are only like four ways to summon things in the game and sacrificing is maybe the most common, it’s not ~falling for~ your super ~cunning trap~ to just … play the fuckin game…

But yes…

… due to the effects of another very overpowered mask-themed card, Yami and Seto can no longer use sacrifices, which basically means they can’t summon any decent monsters.

They’re in a tight spot, and Yami makes his boldest move yet: attempting to reason with Seto Fucking Kaiba.

In this moment, it’s clear that Kaiba and Yami share a bond that transcends 3000 years, 9000 kilometres, and Kaiba’s own alarmingly constipated emotional defensiveness, because they understand each other perfectly.

Sadly, in the moment immediately following, it’s clear that Kaiba is an angry, emotionally constipated asshole.



Okay so, Kaiba’s abysmal people-skills aside, Tol Ghoul goes to attack Kaiba and Kaiba’s in peak sass form today.


ahhhhhh he’s so fuckin cute!

Especially since the Japanese for “alright!” sounds like “YUS!”

So Kaiba triggers a trap of his own, the Grenade Necklace (not real name)


“Both players” in this case referring to opposite players, in the tag duel, so both Kaiba and Tol Ghoul.


(I like the eye-segments!)

Smol Ghoul changes the target of Kaiba’s trap to affect Kaiba’s Monster instead, and Yami realises neither of the Ghouls seem to care that Tol Ghoul is open to damage from the trap either way so he tries to warn Seto…

And Seto TAKES TIME OUT OF HIS TURN to be a jerk about it.

Seto Kaiba has less than no chill.

Does this look like the face of a man with any chill?


Kaiba’s terrifying grin is quickly wiped off his face however, as Yami is proven correct…

… Tol Ghoul uses a magic card to swipe Kaiba’s own Trap Protection Flower (not real name).

So Kaiba takes the damage from and loses a monster to his own trap…

“Well, would you look at the time, it’s fuck this o clock.”

…and Tol Ghoul follows up with an attack aimed directly at the now-defenceless Kaiba, with easily enough firepower to wipe out his lifepoints and send him falling through the ceiling with only his parachute-sized coat to save him.

… This really doesn’t seem like the best way to kill a man you need to immediately take a trading card from post-defeat (remember their primary goal with Kaiba is get Obelisk) but OKAY.

Tol Ghoul launches his attack…

And Kaiba stares it down, presumably reevalutating his choices since Yami’s his only chance to avoid death and he literally just got done explicitly telling Yami to mind his own damn business

IS Kaiba finally about to die due to his own rudeness? DOES Kaiba even care or is he like “worth it”? WILL Yami be the bigger (smaller) man and bail him out? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON PHARAOHSPARKLEFISTS WATCHES YGO

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Sorry if I sound whiney. But what's so good about using ardaswigs? I've seen you been using them and I recently had an incident where someone said I wasn't a good cosplayer because I didn't use their wigs in a cosplay.

I actually really like my wig i’m using. Its beautiful and really long, I don’t think arda has anything similar to it. If anything I would have to style a wig I would get from there and this wig was already styled since it was made for the cosplay.

Hey there Anon! So sorry you have to deal with someone like this. They are clearly being an elitist for the sake of being an elitist, because they don’t seem to know what they are talking about when it comes to wigs. I’m personally a fan of Arda, and their wigs are good for my uses, but they aren’t the end-all-be-all of cosplay wigs, and are actually bad for many uses.

Going to leave aside a lot of the cosplay positivity “what makes a good cosplay is if you have fun!” stuff for now. Yes, that’s true, but what I’m going to be talking about is quality. This isn’t an objective standard by any means, but there is some degree of objectivity to it, since this is what you can be judged on in contests, etc.

Basically, quality-wise, what makes a good wig is if it works for what you need it for. There are many factors that go into this – 99% of quality wigs will have dense wefts, generally smooth-laying fibers (as opposed to a frizzy Party City type wig), good color (color blends look more natural even for bright colors, neon does not), etc. etc. However, a lot of that is based on subjective standards – does it work for this character? If I need to style it, can it take the styling that I need it to? If It’s a basic style (say, long and straight with bangs), does it come in that style and look good? Does it tangle a lot? etc. etc.

I’ve worked with “good wigs” all the way from $8 Ebay and Taobao wigs left generally unstyled to heavily-styled $80 Arda long lacefronts. While the brand of the wig will determine many properties of the wig, and some wigs are inherently “higher quality” than others (many of the US-based cosplay wig companies, like Arda, Epic Cosplay, The Five Wits, etc., will have better fiber types, denser fiber, better colors, etc. than no-name Chinese Ebay seller #9347395), that doesn’t mean that a cosplay using one of these wigs is inherently better than a cosplay using a wig from another company. Look at my cosplays for example – my Roxy cosplay is gorgeous. That wig probably cost me under $10 on Taobao. It’s not the highest quality wig in the world, and it doesn’t like to keep my styling in place, but the fibers are smooth, the color is nice, no wig tracks show, etc. It’s a good wig. It looks good, and it works in the application I have it in. Would the cosplay be somehow magically better if I had an Arda wig? It might be a marginal improvement, but not really.

I have a feeling that this person thinks this way because Arda is used by a lot of good cosplayers (and their wigs are more expensive than your average Ebay wig), therefore, Arda wigs = good wigs, and the only good wigs. It’s a brand loyalty based not on the strengths and weaknesses of the brand, but based on the name of the brand itself and the false sense of prestige that comes with it. Here’s a pro tip: There’s no prestige with different wig brands. Really. No one worth your time cares. It’s what is done with the wig that matters.

Pre-styled wigs are actually a really great resource. If you’re cosplaying a popular character and companies make the pre-styled wig and you don’t have the time, money, expertise, or desire to make the wig yourself? Go for it. You may have to do a little touch up on the styling once it arrives, but that’s not a huge deal. Sometimes these mass-produced pre-styled wigs can go for the same amount or cheaper than buying the raw materials from a company like Arda, and if you’re happy with the wig, it really doesn’t matter if you styled it yourself or not (barring competition or your own personal satisfaction).

Here’s the reason why this person clearly doesn’t know what they are talking about: besides not caring that a good wig is what makes a good wig for that costume, they clearly don’t know that /Arda isn’t good for everything/. (Or they are purposefully trolling you, in which case, block them and move on with your life. :])
Arda is good for many things. I’ll run through them here. But Arda is also not the best choice in many circumstances. I’ll also run through those reasons.

I’ve been buying a lot from Arda recently, yes. It’s because their wigs work for what I need them for, and because I like their product despite many of their shortcomings, or because there isn’t another option out there that I know I’ll be satisfied with.

The good:

  • Arda wigs are great for styling, especially heavy styling. Their fibers are a bit rougher than those from most companies, so they have more “grip” and do excellently with spiking, updos, and the like. They also make wigs that are specifically meant for heavy styling, such as wigs with the wefts sewn in backwards for spiking straight up, or wigs with the wefts already sewn for pigtails, etc. If you are doing heavy styling, this is the wig company you want. Their wigs are also entirely heat resistant, which is great for styling. They have pretty densely-packed fibers, as well, unlike a lot of cheaper wigs that have a row of short wefts for artificial volume and then a row of longer wefts, since this saves on costs. My last few wigs have had heavy styling – Pearl had that big foamcore point (I got a wig meant for updos so that the wefts on the underside would already be going in the right direction), Juri has those massive curls (and a lacefront), Angela is going to have spiking up top (and I know that the Jareth Long is already cut in the layers I need), etc.
  • Arda has good color blends. Even their unnatural colors are made of fibers of different shades instead of having them all in a single shade, or only having a couple of colors blended together. 
  • Arda has a wide selection of styles and colors. They are set up differently from a lot of China-based wig companies, who will make a few base wigs in many colors and then a lot of specialized wigs for whatever characters are popular. Instead, they have a wide range of base wigs and a wide range of color options, and while every wig doesn’t come in every color, there’s a huge selection. They also have a pretty good selection of lacefronts in various unnatural colors, which is unusual to find, since these are mostly worn for fashion purposes and come in natural colors (typically darker natural colors, since a lot of black women wear them and that’s what’s most popular with that demographic).
  • You can know almost exactly what you are getting with Arda. They have extensive customer galleries, as well as shop-made wig information sheets, so it’s easy to see exactly what features a wig has (skin tops, layers, etc.) and how it looks worn. If you still aren’t sure on a color, you can buy sample fiber for fairly cheap so you can see it in person. Sample fiber is also great if you plan on dyeing a wig (as I often do), since you can buy a whole bunch (they’re 25 cents each so it doesn’t break the bank to buy 10 of them to test on) and test your dyebath or experiment with colors without ruining your actual wig. They also sell wefts and extensions in all of their colors, so you can be sure that you can get wefts that match your wig perfectly.
  • For example: my second Julia wig was from Arda because I knew that I could test the color with samples beforehand. My first wig was from Taobao, and while it was a lovely wig in all other respects, it turns /bright yellow/ in sunlight, which is something you can’t know easily from stock images. So I went to Arda, bought some blonde samples, and tested them in varying lights. This is also why I got my Utena wig from there, since I wanted a very specific type of pink (we’ll see when it gets here!). My second Samus wig is also from there because it was the /only/ wig shop I could find with a long, layered wig in a decent looking shade of green. 
  • Their customer service and community engagement are awesome. Prompt email replies, runs a tumblr blog, has all sorts of tutorials (you don’t need to buy from them to use those though ;]), puts out wig suggestions for currently-popular series, etc.

The neutral:

  • Their wigs are fairly matte. I like it, others don’t, so this is down to personal preference.
  • They have large wig caps. A lot of people with larger heads or a lot of hair swear by Arda for this reason. I have a tiny head and practically no hair, so this is a drawback for me.

  • Some wigs have crimped fiber at the base. Not all. Some. This adds volume, but can make styling harder or make some wigs look frizzier than they actually are. I’ve never had an issue with it, but it’s something I’ve heard others complain about.

The bad:

  • Do you remember the “grippy” fibers good for styling? Great for styling, TERRIBLE for tangling. You have a long wig, Classic fiber, untreated? Those grippy fibers will latch onto each other and create a rat’s nest. It’s not inevitable, but it happens a lot more often than with wigs that have smoother fibers. This is the single largest drawback of Arda. If you need a long wig, unless it’s a very specific color or style, I’d say to stay away just for this. (For the record: I have two medium-length wigs from them that are both fine, since I treated them with silicone, and one long wig, which is also fine, since it’s in highly structured curls that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.)
  • They don’t seem to keep up with color or style trends, especially when it comes to popular moebait type anime. So many characters with hair is varying shades of milk tea, and no such option at Arda. They don’t have a lot of soft-looking pastels in general.

  • Speaking of colors, their wigs in natural colors don’t look as natural as wigs from some other companies. While their color blends are generally great, especially for unnatural colors, a lot of people complain about their lack of natural-looking natural color options (though they still have a wide variety of options), especially in blondes. If you need a natural-colored wig without a lot of styling, there are far better places to go.

  • They are more expensive than many other wigs (though on par with other US-based cosplay-specific wig companies, like Epic Cosplay or The Five Wits). If you don’t need any of the positive properties of an Arda wig, or if the negatives are a dealbreaker, it’s better to either go to another company for the same price or save some money and go elsewhere.

Overall, Arda can be really good, depending on what you need. Since they tend to make wigs for styling, they also tend to not be a good place to go if you are planning on using the wig out of the bag with just a bang trim or other minimal styling. For those wigs, you can get a wig from practically anywhere as long as the fiber is smooth and not overly shiny, and the color is right, and the wig tracks don’t show, which is really the bare minimum you want in any wig. And if you want a wig that you don’t have to touch, pre-styled (or commissioning a stylist if you have the money) is the way to go. If you want a higher-quality wig that won’t tangle as much (smoother fiber) or has a different color or style selection, but doesn’t take as heavy of styling,  Epic Cosplay tends to be the go-to US-based seller there.

But even with all this talk of wig quality, I’ll say it again: a good wig is a wig that works for your needs. Are you happy with how it looks with your costume? Does it feel right on your head (not too tight or itchy)? Can it be styled how you need? Do you like it? If yes, it’s a good wig, regardless of brand or anything else. Don’t listen to the haters.

i fucking knew it, the conformation that marginalised workers are forced to get augmentations to improve profit margins in deus ex comes from the sex workers in hengsha.


The concept behind this curry intrigued me. Using medicinal Chinese herbs as its foundation? In saying that, I was a bit thrown about whether I should be using it since not a well practised herbalist and all, and that it might cause averse effects to the body if not used in correct harmony since that is a major factor. Together, the four herbs are used to enrich blood, reducing sallow complexion, dizziness etc. It’s also good for menstruation. The taste is .. interesting. Given how this was purely from following the cues set in the anime and manga and without foolproof measurements, I can’t say what I made is how it was intended to be. Follow your tastebuds! I find that after a chance to settle overnight, the flavour improves marginally. If your area of expertise is Traditional Chinese Medicine, feel free to bombard with your wisdom.

Arato Hisako’s Mutton Shimotsuto Curry Recipe

Mutton (.. or lamb shank), 2 carrots, 1 potato, shaoxing wine, rice, onions, coriander, leek

4 substance decoction & spices: dihuang, peony root, dongdanggui, szechuan lovage, fennel seeds, star anise and tumeric

I lasted 10 seconds with the mortar and pestle before I had to switch.

Begin by coarsely grinding the herbs and spices. My initial batch had too much star anise so I abandoned that and added more tumeric to mimc its colour in the anime

Stew for 1 hour to extract their active ingredients.

Slice potatoes into 1 cm rounds (Hisako leaves them unpeeled, a girl after my heart! Habitually however, I ended up removing the peel .. then opting for a new one), slice carrots and leek diagonally for elongated slices, slice onion into wedges.

Add vegetables and mutton and simmer until tender. Lamb shank took a few hours.

Add shaoxing wine and boil for a few minutes to evaporate alcohol.

Serve with rice and chopped coriander, arrange vegetables.

Hmmmm, don’t know whether I should endorse making it or not.

i know moffat has marginally improved since Coupling but NOT that much.

hes a homophobe, a  racist, an ableist, and a misogynist. he thinks abuse and sexual assault is funny. he loves baiting johnlock because it gets him die hard followers and he cares more about two men relationship than any women- except theyre not really gay… just in a fun and male bonding way…. also hes REally biphobic…. there are 1000 receipts out there . ive been following him since 2011 and he is literally my media nemesis. 

also he destroyed doctor who

Give ‘Em Hell - Chapter Three

Description: Daniel James Howell was a bitter Slytherin with repressed anger issues. That was just the way things were; and yeah, maybe he came from a family of Gryffindors who looked on that house with such disgust that they barely talked to him. He learned to live with it. But for his last year, he decided he wanted to make a change. He wanted to get back to being just Dan. Unfortunately, Dan isn’t quite sure he even knows who he is anymore.

Chapter: three

Word Count: 2248

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of depression and anger issues, mentions of homophobia

A/N: THIS DID NOT GO AS PLANNED AHH PLOT CHANGING BUT WHATEVS Also. School starts for me in a week and I’m working on another thing which is a collab fic but yeah updates will be about every two weeks or maybe three soz

Reblogs and feedback give me life.

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Service with a Smile CH 5

A/N: So this chapter is more of a transition chapter- one that will make the next chapter go more smoothly. All  the same, I hope you enjoy it! I’ll try to get CH6 up as soon as possible, but I currently have a lot on my plate, so we’ll see how that goes. :) Thank you for your patience!

CH 1 | CH 2 | CH 3 | CH 4

Next: CH 6

Astrid chose not to dwell on any of the events that took place the night prior. As she sat in front of her room’s vanity mirror applying a thin stripe of eyeliner, she was still putting effort into avoiding that particular subject. When her parents poked their heads into her room to question her about her evening at the Haddock’s- seeing as she slept almost as soon as she got back to the hotel- she responded with ‘fine,’ and continued the conversation by discussing other matters.

Perhaps it wasn’t the most effective tactic to use. Astrid was most definitely a girl who favored confrontation over cowardice, but she wasn’t technically utilizing the latter. She already attempted to confront He Who Shall Not Be Named about his particular attitude towards his parents’ remarriage, and that went absolutely wonderfully. Having already tried that, she decided to disregard the situation as a whole. It wasn’t her problem, anyway- and it wasn’t like she needed another thing to worry about and the extra stress that it came with.

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Women pay tax for the convenience of tampons.  They could just as easily make their own reusable pads and not pay any tax at all.

Manslation: Yes, I am suggesting that it is reasonable to expect all people who menstruate to go out and purchase fabrics, thread, scissors, sewing needles, and/or a sewing machine (all of which are not only taxed but expensive), and then learn how to sew, and then take the extensive amount of time needed to sew enough pads for one period, instead of simply not taxing them on products necessary to deal with this uncontrollable bodily function (which also happens to be LITERALLY ESSENTIAL TO THE PROCESS OF PERPETUATING OUR FUCKING SPECIES). Such a policy would have NO impact on my life whatsoever, but it really chaps my ass when something even marginally improves the lives of people who aren’t me.


The Hotchkiss Model 1914 machine gun.

In 1905 the French experimented with a blow forward machine gun design called the “Puteau”, a design which was over-complicated, unreliable, and all around one of the worst heavy machine gun designs ever created.  An improvement of the design called the St. Ettiene Mle 1907 was adopted, but the improvements were marginal, and the design was prone to malfunction and deeply flawed.  Regardless, the French adopted the design, and the Mle. 1907 became the premiere heavy machine gun throughout World War I.

In 1916, due to overwhelming complaints from French soldiers, the French Army decided to look for a new machine gun to supplement or replace the Mle 1907.  By 1917 the French Army chose a competing design from a private American - French manufacturer named Benjamin Hotchkiss.  Called the Hotchkiss Mle. 1914, the machine gun had the appearance of the older Mle. 1907, but used different mechanical means to work the action.  The Mle 1914 did away with the complex and unreliable blow forward system of the Mle. 1907, replacing it with a more conventional blowback system which fired from an open bolt.  This system was much more reliable, and significantly less prone to failure, breakdowns, and malfunction.  In addition the Hotchkiss Mle 1914 featured five annular rings which surrounded the barrel, aiding in heat dissipation and preventing overheating.  Maximum rate of fire was around 450 rounds per minute, but could be slowed to lower rates of fire by adjusting a flow regulating piston attached to the gas tube.  The Hotchkiss still used the same feeding mechanism as the Mle 1907, a 24 round strip of 8mm Lebel cartridges which were hand fed into the action.  However for use in tanks, vehicles, and airplanes 250 round belts were also available. Usually the Hotchkiss required a 3 man crew to transport, load, and operate.

By late 1917 Hotchkiss machine guns began to be issued to French forces in large numbers.  By 1918 they had almost replaced the Mle 1907 with frontline units.  Between 1914 and 1918, over 65,000 Hotchkiss machine guns were produced.  Most were issued to the French Army during World War I, and continued to see use up to World War II.  They were also sold to Mexico, Poland, Japan, the United States, and a wide variety of other countries.

Harbinger Gets A Parking Ticket

The Reaper War produced many unlikely heroes. Possibly the least likely of all of them was 26-year old Leticia Andrews, a not-particularly-bright junior parking attendant who worked for the Municipal Borough of Rodent and Bungalow in East London. Something she did early in 2186 was shortly to bring her to galactic attention.

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