I am starting to shoot some of my favorite coffee shops around NYC. So let me share the first one here…“Culture Espresso Bar ” is a coffee shop located in midtown Manhattan NY. To be honest, you wouldn’t notice the coffee shop unless you pay attention to the store. It’s a very west-village feel coffee shop, the interior decoration is simple in a modern rustic style with lovely chandelier light hanging from the ceiling to create a romantic ambience.

I ordered a cup of macchiato, it woke me up instantly and I felt jittery the whole day. Err not good to be all over the place during work, lols… strong coffee wasn’t for me. But hey! it did its job to keep me awake. They serve roasted and crafted coffee, outstanding quality! Love the coffee art, a heart shape from the barista. *wink


Culture Expresso Bar: 72 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018



One of my favorite things to do whenever I visited Soho New York is to stop by this chocolate store called Vosges, where I can have the most delicious chocolate drinks called Bianca (white chocolate with lavender flavor -yes lavender! Must try as weird as it sounds :) ) and the Aztec (spicy chocolate flavor). You’ll never go wrong with this place as they have variety of chocolates to feed your crazy sweet craves as well! Very outstanding purple & white interior in the store, made me wish I could just live there!


I was so thrilled to shoot for Wesley and Susan’s family session, it’s a great experience to spend time with them and the kids totally know how to have fun. I love documenting their family time and especially the mother and daughter bonding, reminded me of how I used to play with my mom when I was a little girl. As we all grow up and get busy with our own lives, looking back at family photos certainly brings back all the good memories. I’m so honored to be able to capture these moments for them to cherish. It inspires me to shoot and love my job even more! 

It’s already more than a week since I last posted my pictures. I’ve been cooking something new and finally here’s a preview of my recent shoot. I’m still working on the rest of the images, I can’t wait to show the rest to you guys!

I’m constantly trying to push myself to produce a series of photographs, hoping to achieve my own signature style. For those who have been supporting my work, I am forever grateful.  

I’m so glad that finally here comes the long weekend where I get an extra day of rest. No work on Monday is always the best. I get to do what’s pending on my list, stay fresh and focus on my goals.

So far Photography has been keeping me up and excited lately. It’s always a good feeling to be inspired by your surrounding and the support from your family and friends. I can’t thank them enough for making me realize that I have the ability to explore more about the creative side of mine. Loving every minute of it.


Here comes the bride!

My best friend, Maridle, who I hadn’t seen in person for 9 years… I finally went back to Philippines last minute and attended her wedding. She’s still the same sassy girl that I’ve known for years, it’s hard to get over that she was getting married! Always used to her independent and go get it attitude since teenage years, she inspires me and I feel lucky to have her in my world. I know we all have to move on and celebrate every stages of our lives, therefore I am wishing her the best and all the love & happiness she deserves! 

I love you my best friend, be happy and stay sassy! *wink