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Lowkey sansa is the one who made ned realize Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen were bastards 👀


This is the “sons with beautiful blonde hair” line right? And Ned giving the “whoa” face and Arya’s snarky “Seven hells!” reply. Then Ned had a C.S.I. moment afterwards and his own ‘seven hells!’ echo.

Well, well, well, Nony. Subconsciously, Sansa did. Ten points to Ravenclaw!

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  • Hanzo in Widowmaker's home, inspecting a bottle of 2009 Chateau Margaux: Amélie, I wasn't aware your family bottled horse piss for a living

Water Lily: Birth of the Lotus (2015) | Directed by Justine Cunha, Alexandra Batina, Clémentine Delcourt, Margaux Lahuppe, and Pascal Miller


blame it on my a.d.d baby

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