margaux froley

Just finished reading Margaux Froley’s Escape Theory today.

Personally, I’d rate this book three stars out of five.

As someone about halfway through a counselling module, I actually found this book pretty difficult to get through. There were so many times that I wanted to scream at the main character; it’s not funny just how many counselling boundaries she crossed. I had to keep reminding myself that she wasn’t even out of high school yet. If there’s anything I got out of this book, it’s that counselling should be left to the professionals; at least those with a diploma and beyond. And done by people at least twenty and older.

Some of the characters were horrendously done as well. In particular, I really could not stand Presley. Her and Devon’s nicknames for each other were quite possibly the most annoying thing about the book. And I personally felt that Grant wasn’t fleshed out enough; he seemed to be suffering from chronic backstabbing disorder, the reasons for it didn’t seem explained.

There were a few bright spots in the novel though. For one, the urge to get through the whodunit allowed me the motivation to finish the book, and I personally thought that while some areas seemed to be rushed (like Grant for example) the ending seemed to tie the odds and ends together nicely. Plus, I liked the fact that Devon was a good girl, that she genuinely wanted to help her peers, and that she wasn’t someone who broke the rules, and I tend to relate better to heroines of that sort. Cleo was also rather nicely done too; I liked her characterization and how she came through for Devon in the end when it seemed that everything was against her.

And well… since I’ve never experienced being in a boarding school before, and I do envy those who have experienced it, I will always be a sucker for boarding school novels. And this one was quite all right.