Gyp's impression of Nucky made my entire day.

“Relax, its a party. Huh? I’m making a big decision. From now on, I’m only selling hooch every other thursday! Because I have important friends, I’m an important person, I have important garters holding up my very important socks! Do you have any idea who the fuck I am? Do you? DO YOUUUU?”

“You’re Nucky Thompson”

“I’m Barney Google! With the goo-goo googley eyes! And I never EVER take anything PERSONAL!”

Thoughts during the Boardwalk Empire season finale

I don’t like Al Capone anymore because he’s racist.

Without HBOGo interactive features, I wouldn’t be able to watch this show.

Gillian is cray cray and scary but not even she deserves being a prisoner in her own home/brothel.

Sorry not sorry, still don’t like Tommy. Little kids are either adorable and awesome or super annoying and kinda creepy. No in between.

Eli should be mayor instead of that other guy.

When are we going to see Rothstein with his male lover(s)? I WANT IT.

The only times that I actually cared about Young Italian Guy That Used To Work With Rothstein was when he was with Gillian.

Gyp actually prefers to be sub but resents that so he overcompensates by trying to be dom.

If I didn’t love Rothstein before, I love'em now. He’s so sly. He’s so Slytherin. Oh, there we go. That’s why I like him.

Ha, Chalky would’ve kicked Al Capone’s ass.

Gyp is horrifying.

I love Richard Harrow. But he’s also kinda horrifying.

Oh no, AR just got dooped by The Old Gay Vampire From True Blood via James Cromwell!

Gyp Rosetti was an interesting character but he soooo had to go.

So did Margaret have a good abortion or a botched abortion?

Where’s Michael Shannon? What’s happening with him after all that time selling friggin’ irons?

Well, Boardwalk Empire–you’re still kinda bland but also kinda fun. ‘Til next time when I’m missing Game of Thrones and need my HBO fix.

I still miss Owen.

also for any of the rest of you dorks who are keeping track, Richard is now at over 77 kills, since I think a few happened offscreen

(though Dexter still has more which kinda bugs me in a way)

I love that all the various directors are consistent about visually cockblocking us with emotional Richard scenes: we only get the mask side during his kisses with Julia; we don’t see them making love; we don’t get a clear shot of him hugging Tommy. I guess that’s a ~metaphor for his introverted nature, and also emphasizes how sweet and pure those scenes are in comparison to the rest of the show, BUT I STILL DON’T FUCKING APPRECIATE IT