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so i made another grimgrimoire au,,

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SURPRISE! [Margarita & Sebastian]

Margarita packed her carry-on bag with a few outfits and shoes. She had decided the night before that she wanted to surprise Sebastian plus she really missed him. Margarita wanted to celebrate with Sebastian the new home that she had found for the both of them. She headed towards the airport, has she was getting closer; her heart was skipping a beat everytime she thought of surprising Sebastian. — After a few hour plane ride, she touchdown by where Sebastian was at. She grabbed a taxi and gave him the address to where, she knew where Sebastian was staying. Margarita was getting so nervous like she has never seen him at all. Once the taxi driver reached the place, she grabbed her bag and headed inside. Getting in the place, she walked start to his door, knocking on it. She put her bag down on the ground, she hope that he was home if not she was going to have to find a hotel near by. Margarita wanted to be in his arms again and feel at home even if its for a few days. sebastianrpg

i thought of a design for modern!margarita a fair while ago so i thought id redraw a scene from the game