margarita of greece and denmark


“I would like to go to Russia very much - although the bastards murdered half my family”.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, When asked in 1967 if he’d like to visit the Soviet Union.

Alexandra was Philip’s Great-Aunt, his Grandmother Victoria of Hesse was her older sister. He never met his Romanov Cousins, as they were murdered three years before he was born, though his older sisters met them and there are multiple photographs of them together. His DNA was used to help identify the remains of Alexandra and her children when they were found in the woods near Yekaterinburg.


The christening of Princess Anne, the Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace, 21 October 1950. The Princess’ god parents were Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother; the Hereditary Princess of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Princess Margarita of Greece and Denmark; Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark, Princess Alice; Earl Mountbatten of Burma; and the Hon. Rev. Andrew Elphinstone. [x]


ROYAL GODCHILDREN + Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

  • Princess Astrid Maud Ingeborg of Norway (later Mrs Ferner; 12 February 1932)
  • Princess Alexandra Helen Elizabeth Olga Christabel of Kent (later The Honourable Lady Ogilvy; 25 December 1936)
  • Princess Sophia Margarita Victoria Frederika of Greece and Denmark (later Queen of Spain; 2 November 1938)
  • Princess Irene Emma Elisabeth of the Netherlands (5 August 1940)
  • Prince William Henry Andrew Frederick of Gloucester (18 December 1941 – 28 August 1972)
  • Princess Benedikte Astrid Ingeborg Ingrid of Denmark (later Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg; 29 April 1944)
  • Prince Richard Alexander Walter George of Gloucester (later Duke of Gloucester; 26 August 1944)
  • Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise of Edinburg (later Princess of the United Kingdom and Princess Royal; 15 August 1950)

A photograph of Grand Duchesses Maria Nikolaevna and Anastasia Nikolaevna with their Greek cousins, Princesses Margarita and Theodora of Greece and Denmark, that was taken in in 1908.

The younger girls were both older sisters of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, though he wouldn’t be born for another 13 years after this picture was taken. He never met any of the Grand Duchesses, as they were all brutally murdered three years before his birth.

It was Prince Philip’s DNA that was used by scientists to positively identify what was left of the bodies of Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna and her children after the discovery of their remains in the woods near Yekaterinburg. He is one of their closest living relatives, his mother was the daughter of Alexandra’s sister.

Philip is reported to have said, when he was once asked if he’d like to visit the Soviet Union:

“I would like to go to Russia very much - although the bastards murdered half my family”.