I don’t get why everyone finds Tommen/Margarey weird. Yeah, book Tommen was 8, but show Tommen clearly isn’t. He’s 16 maybe. 14 at youngest. Still a bit odd but considering that show Margarey is around 21/22, but not out of the question.

The show ages up the characters, and with good reason. Could you really take a 15 year old Robb Stark seriously? How about an 8 year old Bran? 14 year old Jon Snow? They worked in the book but could never work on screen.

Its Game of Thrones. not Game of Highchairs.

Margaery had exchanged the demure gown that she had worn in the sept for one much more revealing, a confection in pale green samite with a tight laced bodice that bared her shoulders and the tops of her small breasts. Unbound her soft brown hair tumbled over her white shoulders and down her back almost to her waist. Around her brows was a slim golden crown. Her smile was shy and sweet. (A Storm of Swords)

Designer Hamda Al Fahim