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Christmas photos. Christmas! and I’m a tad embarrassed. It’s January 25th. Maybe I’m just getting over the whirlwind of that week. Here’s a sampling of the fun I had. Went to a music show at the Perpich Center for Art’s Education. The art from the show at PCAE is my nephew Nick Johnson (below with sister Margaret). Very talented as is his sister who is smart and athletic and kind and humble and somehow all of that and a teenager too. That’s remarkable. Great food on Christmas Eve at the New Scenic Cafe. Curling at the Duluth Curling Club. Christmas morning. And my son Tommy and my favorite dog ROSIE!!!!!! 

Margaret Johnson ► Resident ► 27 ► Elisabeth Harnois

Don’t want to be alone tonight on this planet they call Earth. 

  • Elder daughter of the Reverend, lost her mother to breast cancer ten years ago. Her older brother left town weeks after.
  • Works as a music teacher at the elementary school in Maddox, and runs the children’s choir at the church.
  • Developed powers when Alyssa gave her a comet earring to hold onto, granting her the power to control water.

Being the eldest daughter of the town Reverend can put a lot of pressure on a girl, but Margaret Johnson makes it look easy. While Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had been exceptional parents, using the Bible to teach their children to read, Margaret had always been an easy kid to begin with. She never had tantrums in public, never cursed or spoke out of turn, and always made sure to stand at the doors of the church while people were coming in to greet them. She was a daddy’s girl, but Margaret was also close to her brother Noah, only a few years older as her. The two were great friends - but apparently not good enough. Margaret was seventeen when her mother died from the cancer, less than a year after being diagnosed, and a couple weeks later her brother left town and never spoke to them again. Though the sunny smile never left the teenager’s face, the changes happening obviously impacted Margaret a lot. Nothing around the house was the same, and with high school ending, all she wanted to do was pack up and leave her ghosts in Maddox behind. But there was no way she could leave her father and little sister alone, so she decided to attend community college while she stayed home keeping her family sane. For a long time Margaret was the glue in the remaining Johnson family, holding them together. While you wouldn’t call the Johnsons particularly happy during that time, they were content. They were surviving. So was Margaret.

When her two years of community college were over, Margaret had taken a semester off, not quite sure where she was going to go from there. She knew she wanted to be a music teacher, but the only programs for it were far away, and she was afraid to leave her family behind. But after much consideration and convincing by her friends, Margaret packed up and left for Ohio for two more years, fulfilling the rest of her schooling needed. At twenty-three the blonde headed back to Maddox, with new experiences under her belt and an aching for home. A job at the elementary school was given to her right away, without so much as an interview; the daughter of the Reverend had its perks, after all. Soon it was like she had never left, and settled back into her place at the Johnson home, cooking dinners for her father and giving advice to her teenage sister. Most people hate developing routines, but Margaret found her Maddox routine to be comforting. Things did go out of routine, however, when her best friend Alyssa told her to carry around a single earring for a weekend, without so much as an explanation why. As the good friend she is, Margaret obeyed without hesitation, but the effect it had on her was certainly not what she had been expecting. Suddenly Margaret had the power to freeze or burn water – and what better way to find out then in the middle of a shower? While she certainly isn’t as thrilled about her new powers as her friend is, Margaret can’t help but find her powers to be a little exciting. Sometimes life got a bit dull in Maddox, but for once it was anything but.

Sweeter than apple pie, Margaret is the living cliché of a Reverend’s daughter. The only thing people wouldn’t expect from her is that she isn’t naïve; in fact, Margaret is very intelligent and can pick things up quickly. She has a motherly personality, though it could be because of her almost taking her mother’s spot in their family. Margaret is a great friend and a hopeless romantic, though she would never admit it. The biggest reason she had broken up with her boyfriend of a couple months was that she couldn’t feel the “spark” between them, one that she just knew had to be there in a relationship.


  • Eldest daughter of Alan Johnson. who Margaret has practically been caring for since her mother’s death ten years ago. Though the family works to seem perfect on the outside, they are anything but - and the man’s constant leaning on his eldest daughter for support is proof. But Margaret loves him to death, and would never turn him away. 
  • Older sister to Mary Johnson, by about six years. Mary was eleven when their mother died, and Margaret had to raise her sister through her teenage years. The two are close, but sometimes Margaret has trouble reaching through to Mary.
  • Hasn’t seen her older brother Noah Johnson in ten years, and isn’t aware of his returning to town. Margaret understands why he left, but is bitter that he never kept in touch, considering how close they were growing up.
  • Alyssa Summers has been Margaret’s best friend for as long as she could remember. Both the blondes seem to balance each other out perfectly, “soul mates” as they like to call each other. Margaret sticks with Alyssa’s crazy plans, and hopes to find her friend a guy in the future. Also grew up with her younger brother Caleb Summers, and considers him the brother she never had.
  • Ended a relationship with Joshua Sweeney a couple weeks ago, after a year of dating. While Margaret and him got along very well, and she knew she was lucky to have fun, the blonde never felt anything too serious between them - partly because he was too serious of a person himself. She still tries to be friendly to him, however. 
  • Is in charge of the church choir, two of the children in it being Myra Brennan and Autumn Turner. She had been babysitting Autumn when news came about her parents, and since then Margaret’s made it her mission to help the girl out, since she knows what it’s like to lose a parent.
  • Has started talking to the new girl Kaleigh Jacobs through Alyssa. The brunette’s sweet, and any friend of Alyssa’s is a friend of hers.
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