The Light in the Piazza

Margaret Johnson from The Light in the Piazza
by Rebecca

Introverted Sensing (Si)
“You know in those moments when momentuous things happen so slowly…”
Margaret is a woman who relies on her past, which has affected and shaped her in many ways. She talks about her experiences with her marriage and how it fell apart, leading her to have difficulty believing Clara will find happiness with Fabrizio. She speaks about her experience when Clara was kicked in the head by a pony during “The Beauty Is (Reprise)” which remains vivid in her mind. She has become accustomed to the idea of having Clara as her little girl, despite the fact that Clara is maturing, and letting her go is a major conflict in the show.

Extraverted Thinking (Te)
“When I was younger I was she, the innocence the fantasy. But it’s okay. That goes away.”
Margaret has become a very practical and structured woman who tends to stick with facts rather than fantasy. She is knowledgable and thoughtful and uses this on her vacation with Clara, shown in “Statues and Stories” when she talks about the history of the city. She tries to help Clara learn Italian, as well, acting as a teacher for her daughter. She gravitates toward using logic to tackle situations first, remaining calm and collected instead of bursting out with emotion.

Introverted Feeling (Fi)
If you find in the world, in the wide, wide world, that someone sees, that someone knows you, love! Love! Love if you can, oh, my Clara, love if you can and be loved.“
Despite her put together and focused appearance, Margaret reveals that she has a great deal of emotion. She maintains great love and loyalty toward Clara, always trying to do what is best for her daughter even if it is not what she wants. Songs such as "Dividing Day” and “Fable” reveal how much emotional anguish she has gone through and that emotion does help to guide her. She has strong feelings about what is right and wrong, shown as she tries to teach her daughter these ideals.

Extraverted Intuition (Ne)
“So when, when was this day? Was it on the church step? Suddenly you’re out of love. Does it go creeping slowly? When was your Dividing Day?”
When it comes to seeing new ideas in the world, Margaret tends to worry about the problems she may have to face. She wonders if Fabrizio will be able to be a proper husband for Clara, knowing that her own marriage fell apart. She tends to find the most comfort in what she already knows, finding that she doesn’t want her daughter to leave her to be someone else’s family. For the most part, she finds herself stuck within her perception of the past instead of branching out.

Escaped Lunatic
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On This Day…… 25th April 1869 Margaret Johnson was brought from Howlong to Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum on the 7th of May 1868, by her brother in law William Johnson. Johnson escaped from the Asylum on this day in 1869, and was not seen again. It was believe that she crossed back over the boarded into the colony of New South Wales.  

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Christmas photos. Christmas! and I’m a tad embarrassed. It’s January 25th. Maybe I’m just getting over the whirlwind of that week. Here’s a sampling of the fun I had. Went to a music show at the Perpich Center for Art’s Education. The art from the show at PCAE is my nephew Nick Johnson (below with sister Margaret). Very talented as is his sister who is smart and athletic and kind and humble and somehow all of that and a teenager too. That’s remarkable. Great food on Christmas Eve at the New Scenic Cafe. Curling at the Duluth Curling Club. Christmas morning. And my son Tommy and my favorite dog ROSIE!!!!!!