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Everyone’s so scared to say that Carrie Fisher, Robin Williams, Margaret Trudeau, or any other famous person has Bipolar Disorder. They water it down by saying, “struggled with mental illness”. Bipolar erasure is so real

And the only times anyone specifies that someone might have Bipolar Disorder is when they’re talking about a “bitchy, over-emotional” woman

me: I must understand the medieval History of England.

*some books and documentaries later*

me: …plenty of Kings indeed…

me: *a bit doubtful* So let’s systematize:

me: *quite doubtful and sweating* Just need to add the respective names and dates and it will be great…

Preacher Save My Soul: a Southern Gothic playlist

01. Wayfaring Stranger - Johnny Cash // 02. Barbry Allen - Jean Ritchie // 03. Superstition - Blanche // 04. Appalachian Hills - Driftwood Fire // 05. Hanging Tree - Paola Bennet // 06. Bottom of the River - Delta Rae // 07. Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars // 08. And Am I Born to Die - Bela Fleck //09. Gallows Pole - Neil Young and Crazy Horse // 10. Sinnerman - Nina Simone // 11. Fair Margaret and Sweet William - Tim O’Brien // 12. Summertime - Sarah Vaughn // 13. Down to the River to Pray - Alison Krauss // 14. Ode to Billie Joe - Bobbie Gentry // 15. Work Song - Hozier 


These people are the biggest friendship goals I have ever seen

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The Thistle & The Rose, James IV of Scotland and Margaret Tudor

The merle scho sang, ‘Haill, Roiss of most delyt,
Haill, of all flouris quene and soverane,’
The lark scho song, 'Haill, Rois, both reid and quhyt,
Most plesand flour, of michty cullouris twane;’
The nychtingaill song, 'Haill, naturis suffragene,
In bewty, nurtour and every nobilness,
In riche array, renown, and gentilness.’

The British royal family aboard HMY Britannia: Princess Margaret, Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Peter Phillips, Prince Edward, Prince William, Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Zara Phillips. August 1985.

The British royal family at Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. 1953.

Group includes: Princess Alexandra of Kent, Prince Michael of Kent, Princess Marina (Duchess of Kent), Prince Henry (Duke of Gloucester), Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Prince Edward of Kent, Princess Mary (Countess of Harewood), Prince William of Gloucester, Prince Richard of Gloucester and Princess Alice (Duchess of Gloucester). 

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Cuddling with the nyo allies~!

I’ll do this as a pro/con thing too!

Nyo!America (Amelia E. Jones)
- Honestly, I’ll just say it- her boobs make an amazing cushion for who she is cuddling with.
- Super short hair so you don’t have to worry about accidentally inhaling it if you decided to be the big spoon
- Super soft. Squish her. She loves it.
- Her boobs, although they make good cushions for her S/O, they make her highly uncomfortable because they’re so big. She tends to shift around a lot
- She talks lots and doesn’t like it when her S/O falls asleep
- Sometimes will squeeze her S/O super tightly… especially when she falls asleep.

Nyo!Canada (Margaret Williams)
- Super quiet so you can rest if you’re tired. Only whispers soft lullabies if she notices you drifting off
- Small tiddies so she isn’t shifting around a lot
- Has literally the softest touch ever. Like an angel, almost.
- Super long hair! She prefers to be the bigger spoon because of this
- Not big tiddies unlike Amelia so her lover has no cushion
- Other than that she’s perfect

Nyo!France (Marianne Bonnefoy)
- Unlike her shitty male counterpart she has a sense of boundaries and doesn’t touch them inappropriately
- Seriously her hands don’t even drift
- Literally the best cuddles out of each and every single one of em
- She’s still a counterpart of France
- She lets her hair down and it’s somewhat long. Be careful
- Also wears a lot of makeup even when it’s just cuddling. Be careful, you might get some on your clothes

Nyo!England (Rosa Kirkland)
- Super small. Like gosh, just cuddle this lil woman
- Smaller tiddies, even smaller than Chun-Yan’s. Makes it super easy to get comfortable while cuddling.
- Cute kisses, and lots of em. Usually neck and cheek kisses.
- Have you seen how long her hair is? Good luck while big spooning her. She prefers to be the little spoon too.
- Super fragile and one wrong movement can kinda really hurt her
- Has a tendency to fall asleep

Nyo!China (Chun-Yan)
- Keeps her hair up in those cute lil buns so you don’t have to worry about inhaling her hair
- Gets comfy super easily
- Super ticklish!! Like gosh….
- Her giggles may wake you up or keep you wake
- And she doesn’t like it when you fall asleep. Either way she’ll wake you up
- Tends to steal all of the blankets

Nyo!Russia (Anya Braginsky)
- Super big. Will keep you nice and warm.
- Surprisingly soft!!! Pssst she has a bit of tummy chub. Cuddle with it.
- Despite big tiddies she just kinda gets comfy really easily
- Also doesn’t let you fall asleep
- She’ll fall asleep and when she does she probably drags you off of the bed with her