margaret trudeau

Canadian First Lady Margaret Trudeau with son (and current Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau, circa 1972.

“There was a time when she was one of the most famous women alive. Not just national fame, but consuming, global, Angelina Jolie fame. […] She was guileless, and we were predatory. Our stories were full of snide references to the ‘flower girl’ our Jesuitical prime minister had brought home. We behaved like Hollywood paparazzi. When she ran off to party with the Rolling Stones (who of us wouldn’t have if we’d had the chance?) we became night crawlers.“ 

Everyone’s so scared to say that Carrie Fisher, Robin Williams, Margaret Trudeau, or any other famous person has Bipolar Disorder. They water it down by saying, “struggled with mental illness”. Bipolar erasure is so real

And the only times anyone specifies that someone might have Bipolar Disorder is when they’re talking about a “bitchy, over-emotional” woman



Margaret Trudeau [Margaret Joan Sinclair; 09.10.48] 

Margaret Trudeau is a Canadian author and former “First Lady”. When she was only 18 she met Pierre Elliott Trudeau, future Prime Minister of Canada, who caused the phenomenon Trudeaumania. Pierre was captivated by her flower child style and carefree personality. They married in 1971 and had three children; Justin (current Canadian Prime Minister/Liberal Party Leader), Alexandre “Sacha” and Michel. Trudeau was a frequent visitor of Studio 54 and was well acquainted with three of The Rolling Stones; Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. Shortly after spending a weekend with the Stones in 1977, Margaret divorced Pierre. This caused a lot of controversy and vicious rumours although Margaret denies having any romantic or sexual affair with any of the Stones. 

After the divorce Margaret struggled with stress, depression and bipolar disorder–especially since Pierre won custody of their children and did not pay spousal support. She has since became a spokesperson for mental illness awareness, even publishing a book Changing My Mind

“Margaret Trudeau was twenty-two and [Pierre] Trudeau was fifty-one when they got married. It was a bit like Sinatra and Mia Farrow–the power and the flower child. And now Trudeau’s bride–and this was exactly their sixth wedding anniversary–was seen walking in our corridors in a bathrobe. So the story was that she had left him. She had, in fact, moved into the room next to Ronnie, and they were hitting it off really well, or, as Ronnie put it so nicely in memoirs, ‘We shared something special for that short time.’ She flew to New York to escape the publicity, but Mick flew to New York as well, so it was assumed they too were an item. Worse and worse. She was a groupie, that’s all she was, pure and simple. Nothing wrong with that, but you shouldn’t be a Prime Minister’s wife if you want to be a groupie” - Keith Richards, Life.

“In the eyes of the world my weekend with the Rolling Stones was the freedom trip to end all freedom trips. […] To the journalists and newspapers of the world, my escapade was yet another example of what a wicked wife I had become; flaunting my infidelities in Pierre’s face.”

“In 1977, on Margaret and Pierre Trudeau’s sixth wedding anniversary, the cracks in their marriage were showing. She famously flew off to a Rolling Stones concert at Toronto’s El Mocambo club, then hung out with the band at her hotel.” - CBC

A Trudeau family photo that bleeds patriotism.  You can almost see the sugar from the Timbits smeared on the faces of the children and smell the Molson Canadian lingering on PE’s breath.  I imagine Margaret smells like maple syrup or baked McIntosh apples.

Ok this is pretty funny.

The context:

The 60 minutes interview with Justin Trudeau aired this Sunday. They used this photo above, and misidentified Kim Cattrall as being Margaret Trudeau, saying that Justin Trudeau’s mother was the women pictured (i.e. Kim Cattrall). Pierre Elliot Trudeau also dated Kim Cattrall for a time.

April 6, 1968: Pierre Elliott Trudeau chosen as Liberal Party leader on fourth ballot, replacing Lester Pearson.

Canada is in desperate need of another Trudeau to lead our country. Failing that, I’ll gladly take zombie!Trudeau over any of the current party leaders. Sorry, Jack. I adore you, I’m just not confident in your abilities to be the leader of Canada.