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This weekend I’ve explored caves, gone south to the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, visited beaches. I’ve said hello to deer and sheep and cows and kangaroos. I’ve made friends with a kookaburra and camped in the back of a car. I’ve gone wine tasting and played mini golf and eaten in local restaurants. I’ve experienced nostalgia and made new memories, and been consistently stunned along the way.

This is a weekend I’ll remember forever. Til next time, Margaret River.


Chardonnay Compilation:

Here are 3 different chards I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know recently, all perfect for the summer season.

1. Stella Bella Chardonnay 2015, Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia

2. Domaine de Bellene Saint-Romain Vieilles Vignes 2015, Saint-Romain, Burgundy, France

3. Seifried Old Coach Road Nelson Unoaked Chardonnay 2015, Nelson, New Zealand

I usually prefer the oaked, buttery, creamy and rich chards, but I thought I’d try an unoaked one for a change (number 3) - and I was pleasantly surprised; green herbs, citrus and tropical fruits.

You’re welcome!

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Love wins. Always.

One of my favourite places to visit in the world is Boranup Forrest. Its just a bit south of Margaret River along Caves Rd. And it is so special. Its my girlfriends favourite place in the world. She’s a wedding videographer and photographer. Sometimes we’ll see beautiful wedding parties dash out from their groovy cars and get a few snaps, in our most favourite place in the world. I’ve been going to the forrest a few times a year since I got my drivers license and first discovered the beautiful scene. I still remember it. We we’re playing “Blue Deep Eyes” by Petit Biscuit (something you should listen to right now We used to be really heavily involved with activism and advocacy of Asylum Seekers.

I took this photo in the first week of December 2014. We were at one of the pinnacles of the movement and we were exhausted. We had gone down to a holiday home owned by one of the members of our church to take some time. In this photo, We gathered around a laptop with shit connection and live streamed parliament and listened to Ricky Muir vote to pass a bill that was super controversial around Temporary protection visas ( We were gutted. It was horrible. It meant legal limbo for some of the worlds most vulnerable people and it hurt. It was the government sounding like they were doing something, but they were making things terrible a few years down the road (and we’re starting to see this come to fruition three years later). We were distraught. We went to bed without saying anything. We cried, we prayed, there wasn’t much to be done.

Sometime in the following two days we resolved to go down to Boranup. It was so, beautiful. I can’t say its what we needed, but it was certainly a beautiful distraction from the mess and turmoil. And we allowed it to enchant us for a little while. I’d been meditating on the idea of love and nonviolence and how we were to respond. Thats where I go in my pain - I mobilise. I try and figure out what next.
We went and spent a bit of time with God, in God’s creation. I hadn’t come up with much. But I couldn’t get off the idea of The Kingdom. It’s heaven. But not the movie kind. No fat cherubs, white fluffy clouds, or all you can eat Sundae bar. Its more when love will be all in all. A day when truth and justice reign, and God’s love is everywhere. Pain, death, oppression have all been over come. Because we have chosen love.

I took the keys to my beat up Hilux and dug them into a tree that sits just at the side of the road, across from where the car was parked. “Love won”. Because indeed one day, it will.

I went back to the spot a few months ago. Its still there. The same etching in the same tree declaring that love will win, written by someone who had just felt defeated by the xenophobia and same oppression that seems so pervasive through society. Love will win. As the churchy in me would say - Indeed, love has already won. The victory just hasn’t been fully distributed yet. The Kingdom is coming.

I don’t know what the future of the asylum seekers that we wept over that night will mean. Many of those we wept for were our friends. I’m still trying to figure out what the next response will be, how will we act.

But love will win. It’s coming. One day soon, I’ll visit Boranup again. I’ll wander through the Forrest, and have spent time thinking how to mobilise against something  thats crap going on in the world. I would have spent time with God, and emerged from the Forrest, and walk back past the tree declaring Love has won. I’ll jump back in my beat up ute.  And as I’m pulling out, a wedding party will drive down the hill. They’ll pull up where I was, and get out looking so beautiful. And they’ll cross the road with their photographer and take photos by the tree that declares that love wins. And the two brides, or two grooms, or bride and groom will look so lovely. Because it’ll be a day that Love truly has won. For everyone. Because when Love wins, everyone wins. 

             Right here ^ . Just there, next to the tree, with the forest behind. A couple will get their wedding photos. A man and a woman, or a same sex couple. They’ll take their wedding photos right there. And the couples love will be the same as every other couple. On that day. Love will have won. Because love will win. Love has won. Love wins when we say yes to it. And thats it. We just have to say Yes to love.