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The title of “Dauphine of France,” was given to the wife of the heir-apparent to the French Throne.

The following are Dauphines of France married to members of the House of Valois:

Joanna of Bourbon - Became the first Dauphine when her husband, Charles, received the title of Dauphin, the first heir-apparent to the throne to do so on August 22nd, 1350. She would become Queen on April 8th, 1364, when her husband took the throne as Charles V.

Margaret of Burgundy - Was the wife of Louis of Guyenne, one of the sons of Charles VI. She became Dauphine when she married him on August 31st, 1412. She ended up outliving her husband, who died on December 18th, 1415, and thus she was never Queen.

Jacqueline of Holland - She was married to John of Touraine, a son of Charles VI. She became Dauphine when her husband’s older brother died and he became Dauphin, on December 18th, 1415. John would pre-decease her on April 4th, 1417, meaning she never became Queen.

Margaret Stewart of Scotland - Was the first wife of Louis, eldest son of Charles VII, and because Dauphine upon their marriage on June 24th, 1436. She would die unexpectedly on August 16th, 1445, at the young age of 20, before her husband became King, so she was never Queen.

Charlotte of Savoy - The second wife of Charles VII’s eldest son Louis, she became Dauphine when they were married on February 14th, 1451. Her husband became King as Louis XI upon his father’s death on July 22nd, 1461, and she became his Queen.

Catherine de’ Medici - The wife of Henry, second son of Francis I, she became Dauphine when her husband’s older brother died on August 10th, 1536. She became Queen on March 31st, 1547, when her husband took the throne as Henry II.

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots - Already Queen of Scotland in her own right, she became Dauphine when she married Francis, eldest son of Henry II, on April 24th, 1558. She became Queen of France when her husband took the throne as Francis II on July 10th, 1559.

In 1868, Fritz went to Italy for the wedding of Crown Prince Humbert of Italy to Margaret of Savoy. Commended by the Italian press for his ’extreme politeness’ and ’ amiable courtesy’ to his fellow soldiers, the Crown of Prussia was also a success in society. When a clumsy partner stepped on the edge of Margaret’s ball gown, leaving a piece of lace trailing on the floor, Fritz pulled a small pair of scissors from a case in his pocket, knelt down, and cut off the torn trim. When the Crown Princess of Italy held out her hand to take it from him, Fritz stood up, put the lace to his heart, folded it, and tucked it away in his coat pocket, earning oohs and ahs from the crowd. ’ These Prussians are sharp fellows, always armed and ready for everything ’ commented one newspaper in the south of Germany.    

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