margaret marshal


Stabat Mater. P77 (12. Quando corpus morietur), 1749

composed by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710-1736)
performed by:
- Margaret Marshall (soprano), Lucia Valentini Terrani (contralto)
- the London Symphony Orchestra
- Claudio Abbado (conductor)
based on the libretto by Jacopone da Todi (ca.1230-1306)


Coat of Arms of the Duke of Norfolk, the Earl Marshal

The Duke of Norfolk is the premier duke in the peerage of England, and also, as Earl of Arundel, the premier earl. The Duke of Norfolk is, moreover, the Earl Marshal and hereditary Marshal of England. The dukes have historically all been Catholic, a state of affairs known as recusancy in England. 

All past and present dukes have been descended from Edward I, King of England. The first being the elderly widowed granddaughter of Edward I, Margaret Marshal, who was created Duchess of Norfolk for life on 29 September 1397. She died eighteen months later, 24 March 1399, and was buried in the choir of Grey Friars in the City of London.