margaret hunt bridge


Today was proof all weekends should be three-day weekends.

After a leisurely morning of self-made brunch (highlight: blackberry pancakes) and some food prep, I headed out to meet up with amft and ironmq to enjoy a rare moment of sunshine.

A festival of sorts fouled out pie plans so we ended up in a neighborhood of Dallas called Trinity Groves. Its situated just so to give you some A+ views of the skyline and Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. It might be my new favorite hood.

We drank plum wine, ate some sushi, talked and laughed (Baby Horse Jesus!) for awhile before wandering around in search of dessert. Our search wasn’t fruitful but we walked the bridge, took pictures, and marveled at the stop signs and trail signs that are now nearly covered by water.

Tomorrow: Hypnotic Donuts with Ellen lifting, FaceTime date with BFF, and double-date bowling.

This is the weekend I never want to end.