margaret how i love you

#6:Swimming Pool*

;*mature content

“Wow, Harry. I had such a good time. Really you never miss a chance to make me smile..” Her obnoxiously screechy voice irritates Y/N to her senses, but for the sake of her dear Harry, she is quiet and not physically pulling this girl out of the house.

“Oh, Margaret, you know how much I love you; and really, spending time with you is my favorite.“Harry muses at his childhood friend, a sudden wave of emotion passing by when he realizes it’s time for them to bid goodbye.

“Aw, I love you too, Hazz…see you real soon, okay?” They advance forward for a long and tight hug, and Harry plants a small kiss on her forehead before he is waving her goodbye from the door of his house.

He turns around after the after drives away, and meets a Y/N with narrow eyes and a deep scowl on her face.

“Let’s get in,Hazza,"She mocks and turns away from him, descending into the house and purposely closing the door behind.

“Y/N!” Harry whines as he follows her inside, a frown settling on his face at his girlfriend’s attitude.

Y/N goes about and enters the bedroom, mindlessly standing in front of her dresser and begins to brush her hair.

“She is just a friend, babe.” Harry reasons out as he settles on the bed, lying over his stomach and propping a pillow under his chest.

“Yes, a friend, who has no other business than to keep popping up here at our place to meet her ‘beloved Hazza’” Y/N exaggerates with air quotes as she stares at Harry from the mirror.

Harry bursts into laughter.“ You’re really cute when you’re jealous, y'know.”

“I’m not jealous.” Defends Y/N instantly. She puts her brush back on the dresser and turns around, walking out of the room when Harry calls out.

“Baby, come down, there’s something right there, yeah..” He points on the tip of his nose, and frighteningly does Y/N bend down to his level.

“Where?! Just get it away.” She throws her hands frantically around him, as she waits for Harry to take it - whatever it is - away from her nose.

Harry’s fingers hovers above her nose, in circles, making Y/N’s eyes follow it everywhere. Suddenly, he grabs her nose and pulls it to him.

“There you go, that’s the thing I was talking about, sitting right at your nose - you temper.” He laughs and pulls it some more, causing a loud shriek to escape Y/N’s mouth.

“Harry!” She slaps his hand away, pushing at his shoulder and stomping her feet in even more anger.

Harry’s laugh keep going on, but fail to make Y/N smile as she storms away in anger.

“Y/N! I’m sorry, baby, I’m sorry, I love you, listen!” Follows Harry’s voice behind the fast walking Y/N but she is already out and the door is slammed closed behind her.

Harry plucks himself off of the bed and rushes outside, his laughter still not under control.

Y/N stands in the kitchen, preparing some coffee as a sad, annoyed face remains prominent on her face from a distance.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, darling, really, really sorry.” Harry walks over to her and pronounces his apologies with a serious face but on seeing her red nose, he is back to his laughing saga. A string of apologies and exclamations leave his mouth when Y/N begins slapping his arms and back with tight hands.

“You’re such an idiot!”

“Ow, sorry..” Harry repeats.

“First, your friend comes and irritates the hell out of me with her screechy voice and now you won’t stop being this ass for once and - I am stressed!” Y/N screams out her distress.

Harry gives her a scared look, with wide eyes and pouted lips.“Woah, someone’s really had their period-”

“Ugh!” Y/N walks away from him, back into the bedroom. Harry follows behind like a puppy, his apologies being chanted like a mantra.

Harry gets a hold of her wrist right in front of the bedroom door, and he spins her around, pressing her back to the wood.

“Let’s go swimming. I’m sure it will relax your body a bit, hm?” Harry offers, keeping his tone low and loving as he looks into her eyes for approval.

“No!” Y/N shouts in his face. “I will go for swimming by my self, you will not come with me, understand?” She pushes Harry off of her and enters the room, locking the door behind.

Harry is left behind to bang his head on the door in distress.

Y/N puts on the bikini she has, and puts on a robe on top before moving out of the room. Outside, it is quiet and lonely, the place having no signs of Harry.

Rolling her eyes and knowing it’s just some silly act of Harry, she walks to the swimming pool attached to their home.

Newly renovated and designed, this swimming pool lay right in front of the living room. It displayed an exquisite view of the beautiful city of Los Angeles, and the lights built for the nights gives out an extremely romantic scene.

But tonight it was going to be just Y/N, so she bothered not to think of any romantic feels.

She shed off the robe and put it down on the chair, and slowly getting down with the stairs, she let her body inside the warm water.

The water reached up to her chest, and with the fine weather and warmth of the water, she really did feel a lot relaxing.

In solitude, did she spare some time and think of the useless arguments this evening. As she took strokes from one end of the pool to the other, her mind began to cloud with a sense of regret for being this harsh on Harry and his relationship with his best friend. But before she could make up her mind to apologize Harry for the same, she saw his figure walking over to the pool in his swimming trunks.

All forms of regret were forgotten, as she continued her act of ignorance towards him and kept swimming casually when Harry got into the water and looked at her.

She got on the other side and stopped, seeing Harry also at rest on the side opposite to her. She pulled her eyes off of him and swam to where he was, and when she stopped right on the other side, Harry had gone to the opposite.

She knew what he doing and hence paid no attention.

As she reached to the other end, and of course Harry on the opposite, she heard Harry’s voice call out.

“I have known Margaret since I was two. She was four then and she literally has treated me as a brother always. She is like a second sister to me, y'know..” Harry justifies in a low voice, but due to the fact of just these two here, his voice reached up to Y/N very clearly.

Y/N not knowing how to reply to his statement, swims mindlessly to the other side, and this time as she lifts her head above the water, she finds Harry right beside her.

She grows confused as to where to be now, when suddenly Harry moves and pins her to the tile, his hands going round her as he captivates her.

“I really acted like a dick today, didn’t I?” She smiled at his comment and looked down.

“And I like some hypothetical bitch..” They chuckle together. “I’m sorry?”

Harry leans down and presses his lips onto hers; slowly and softly made his lips move about her shape, and once having picked up a pace, began to bring out the passionate demon inside him.

He yanked her leg up to wrap around his hips as he consumed her with his tongue fighting to invade her mouth. He moved her to the center of the pool where the red and pink lights shimmer about in the water, and setting her down, he brought his hand behind her and began to undo her bikini top.

Y/N twisted her hand to help him in the task but his lips joining back on hers distracted her from her intention. Her hand now moved to his cheek as she pulled him closer and closer every moment, and finally when the string of her top opened, Harry didn’t show any hesitation as he threw her top to the side.

She stood bare in front of him now, her wet skin and hair, her aroused eyes and her pink lips having water dripping from - everything seemed to be inviting Harry; and his sensuous look and wet, throbbing body was everything Y/N wanted over her.

Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, meeting her nipples to his skin and making the sensitive skin turn hard immediately.

Y/N moaned as Harry’s lips came down to work on her neck, as he guided her to the bar table and pinned her to it. Y/N’s body bended over the glass table as Harry went down and down on her, his lips now fiddling with her left nipple as her other hand massaged the other breast.

His thumb and index finger fondled with the pink skin, pressing and circling around the skin while his lips had moved higher and attached to her lips.

Y/N felt put of breath and completely controlled with Harry’s quick change in positions and touches. He was so harsh but so lovely at the same time that the moans and mewls were impossible to control.

Harry pulled away from her lips and gave her a look in the eyes, before disappearing under water. Y/N felt him tug her lowers down in the water and then attached his tongue to her clit, the sensations sparking through her system making her weak.

Gosh, she loved it; She loves him.

Harry moved up again but kept his fingers down at work over her princess parts, slowly entering the wet core of hers and drawing around circles.

“We need to get to the bed, baby.” He whispered in her ear, biting the soft earlobe, causing an anticipated moan to escape her parted lips.

“Then take me please..” Y/N’s saying was only enough for the action at night to commence.

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okay but i don’t think you understand i can still remember when i first saw meg & thought to myself “you’re so fun & lively & confident & you’re probably gonna get slut-shamed by your friends at one point but it’s okay because i will love you” & like. i was kinda wrong about the slut-shaming part but. i’m just. so happy???? to see her doing so well after the disaster that happened last year??? like. her role in nmtd was basically to be used & taken for granted & have other people roll their eyes at her bc she’s the “provocative one” & apparently had a shitty job in retail to top everything off and now???? now she looks so happy???? and she’s got a cool job writing for a magazine like?? CAREER GIRL HELLS YEAH. & she’s not dating but she’s still v secure with herself even after robbie’s sorry ass & she’s having fun with her “casual affairs” as she calls them & she’s dancing like lydia bennet??????? which is adorable af????? 

i’m just so proud of her & happy for her like. “i know i’m intelligent, i’m hot, & i know what i’m doing.” I MEAN???? I THINK I’M GOING TO CRY?????? i am so happy for margaret winter you don’t understand.

this has been a meg winter appreciation post carry on with your day now.