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Witness Nita Neary during serial killer Ted Bundy’s trial. Nita was a member of the Chi Omega sorority where Bundy had brutally attacked several women, killing 21 year old Margaret Bowman and 20 year old Lisa Levy. Neary’s testimony, along with Connie Hastings, was a crucial part of the trial as she placed Bundy in the vicinity of the Chi Omega house on the night of the attacks, as she saw him leave the house while clutching the murder weapon.


Serial Killer Ted Bundy Timeline:

November 24th 1946 – Birth

January 4th 1974 – Bludgeoned and sexually assaulted Karen Sparks (survived)

February 1st – Bludgeoned and abducted Lynda Ann Healy (Skull recovered at Taylor Mountain*)

March 12th – Abducted Donna Gail Manson (Body never found)

April 17th– Abducted Susan Elaine Rancourt (Skull recovered at Taylor Mountain)

May 6th– Abducted Roberta Kathleen Parks (Skull recovered at Taylor Mountain)

June 11th – Abducted Georgann Hawkins (Skeletal remains recovered at Issaquah** site)

July 14th – Abducted Janice Ann Ott and Denise Marie Nasland (Skeletal remains recovered at Issaquah Site)

October 2nd – Assaulted and strangled Nancy Wilcox (Body never found)

October 18th – Abducted Melissa Anne Smith (Body found in mountainous area near Midvale, Utah)

October 31st– Abducted Laura Ann Aime (Body found in American Fork Canyon)

November 8th – Attempted abduction of Carol DaRonch and successfully abducted Debra Jean Kent (Body has never been positively identified)

January 12th 1975 – Abducted Caryn Eileen Campbell (Body found on a dirt road near a hotel in Snowmass, Colorado)

March 15th- Abducted Julie Cunningham (Body never found)

April 6th- Abducted Denise Lynn Oliverson (Body never found)

May 6th- Abducted Lynette Dawn Culver (Body never found)

June 28th- Abducted Susan Curtis (Body never found)

August 16th- Ted was first arrested by a Utah High Way Patrol officer

February 23rd 1976- Ted stood trial for the kidnapping of Carol DaRonch

June 30th– Ted was sentenced to 1 to 15 years in the Utah State Prison

June 7th 1977- During recess at Ted’s preliminary hearing at Pitkin County Courthouse he escaped

June 13th – Ted was put back into custody in Aspen

December 30th- Escaped from Glenwood Springs jail.

January 15th 1978 – Bludgeoned and then strangled Margaret Elizabeth Bowman, bludgeoned, strangled and sexually assaulted Lisa Levy, bludgeoned Karen Chandler, Kathy Kleiner and Cheryl Thomas (all 3 survived)

February 9th- Abducted Kimberly Diane Leach (Skeletal remains found never Suwannee River State Park)

February 12th– Ted was arrested again

July 24th 1979- Ted was convicted of the murders of Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy, three counts of attempted first degree murder and two counts of burglary. The death sentence was imposed for the murder convictions.

January 1980- Ted was found guilty for the abduction and murder of Kimberly Leach.

January 1980- Married Carole Ann Boone

February 10th- Ted was sentenced to death by electrocution for the third time.

October 1982- Carole Ann gave birth to a daughter making Ted a father for the first time.

January 24th 1989- Ted died in the Raiford electric chair at 7.16am.

*Taylor Mountain, Washington

**Issaquah, Washington

Lesser-seen photo of Ted Bundy’s soon-to-be-wife, Carole Ann Boone, and his mother, Louise Bundy. The photo was taken in late July, 1979 at the Dade County Courthouse during the Chi Omega trial. 32-year-old Bundy was convicted on July 24, 1979 for the murders of Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy. In addition to the murders, Bundy was charged for three counts of attempted first-degree murder for his assaults on Kathy Kleiner, Karen Chandler, and Cheryl Thomas as well as two counts of burglary. 

After his escape on December 30th 1977, Bundy made his way to Tallahassee, Florida. Sometime during the 14/15th of January 1978, Bundy arrived at  FSU’s Chi Omega sorority house through the back entrance that had a faulty lock. 
At around 2:45 AM Bundy bludgeoned Margaret Bowman, 21, (as pictured above) until unconscious and proceeded to strangle her to death with her own nylon stocking.  
He then entered the bedroom of Lisa Levy, 20,  and beat her unconscious, strangled her, tore one of her nipples, bit so deeply into her left buttock that police were later able to identify him by his teeth imprint, and sexually assaulted her with a bottle.
That same morning Bundy attacked Kathy Kleiner and Karen Chandler who were badly injured (Kleiner with a broken jaw and lacerated shoulder and Chandler with a broken jaw, missing teeth and a crushed finger) but both recovered from their injuries.
The total attacks took space within the space of 15 minutes.


Nita Neary and Carol DaRonch were the two survivors of serial killer Ted Bundy who testified against him in court. In 1978, after Bundy’s escape, Neary had came home to her sorority house at about 3 a.m., after a party. She decided to come in through the back door so she wouldn’t wake her room-mates, and that’s when she saw the terrifying silhouette of a man holding a club. Remarkably, he didn’t see nor hear her and he moved down the hallway into a pool of light, enabling Neary to get a good look at him. The intruder left the house and ran off down the street. Worried, Neary went upstairs to check on Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman, only to find that he had beaten and strangled her friends to death. She called the police, and was horrified to discover that she had come face to face with the escaped serial killer.

Carol DaRonch had an even closer brush with death in her experience with Bundy. He approached her outside a shopping mall, introducing himself as Officer Roseland, an off-duty policeman. He said that her car had almost been broken into, and suggested that she should accompany him to the local police station to file a report. DaRonch was naturally suspicious, so she asked to see his badge which he produced with no problem. Bundy told her that she shouldn’t drive in her car because it would interfere with the investigation, so he offered her a lift. After driving for several minutes, she noticed that they had gone past the police station. She confronted ‘Officer Roseland’, who immediately put handcuffs on her wrist. However, he was panicking too much to put them on properly, and DaRonch managed to fight back. This is when he grabbed a crowbar from underneath his seat and tried to hit the frightened woman over the head with it. By this point, DaRonch had opened the passenger door and had managed to jump out onto the road and flee.

On July 28th 1978, Ted Bundy was indicted for the murders of Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman. Convinced that he would beat the system and get away with the murders, he pointed toward the police officer and warned him: “An indictment? That’s all you’re gonna get!”


During his utter rampage of the Chi Omega Sorority house, Ted Bundy impulsively bit the left buttock of Lisa Levy. He also bit her breast, but the bite mark on her buttock was much more prominent, so it was used as evidence during Bundy’s trial.

Despite leaving no evidence in the form of fingerprints or DNA, the bite mark was so clear that a perfect impression of the attacker’s teeth had been made. If prosecutor’s had a mold of Bundy’s teeth, then they could almost certainly see him convicted. According to Bundy and his defence team, however, the warrant for the teeth mold was not completely legitimate, and he asked for it to be withdrawn.

The judge refused, and stated that the evidence was admissible and relevant to the case. After coming to the conclusion that the bite mark was blatantly made by Bundy, the judge handed him the death sentence.

Investigators obtain crucial dental impressions from Ted Bundy

After the brutal attack at the Chi Omega Sorority House in 1978, investigators of the case requested that Ted Bundy gave them a dental impression so that they could compare it with the bite mark found on the buttock of Lisa Levy found at the crime scene, but he refused. However, the prosecution managed to obtain a search warrant that allowed them to obtain this crucial piece of evidence. In order to prevent Bundy from altering his teeth in any way (such as grinding them down or chipping them), the investigators arrived without warning. An experienced dentist, Dr. Richard Souviron took several photographs of Bundy’s front upper and lower teeth and gums. He determined that a distinct, uneven pattern was recorded, which would make a match easier to make.

Further analysis made by Souviron in court showed that Bundy had bit his victim twice: he bit once, then turned sideways and bit again. The top teeth remained in the same position, but the lower teeth left two rings. Twice as much evidence was obtained in order to prove the case against Bundy, and to persuade the judge to give the death sentence.


Bundy Faces Execution

Lawyers Planning Appeal 

November 12, 1986

Attorneys for serial killer Ted Bundy will ask a judge in Lake City on Thursday to stay Bundy’s scheduled execution next Tuesday to allow time for a clemency hearing.

Bundy is scheduled to die in the electric chair six days before his 40th birthday, for the murder of 12-year-old Kimberly Leach of Lake City. She was abducted from her junior high school in February 1978 and her body was found two months later near the Suwannee River.

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Bundy was convicted of the crime and sentenced to death in 1980. The previous year, he was convicted and condemned for the January 1978 murders of sorority sisters Margaret Bowman, 21, and Lisa Levy, 20, at the Chi Omega house in Tallahassee.

This is the third time Bundy has faced the electric chair, but the first time for the Lake City conviction. No one has been executed in Florida on a first warrant since the resumption of capital punishment 10 years ago.

Attorney James E. Coleman of Washington, D.C., said in a telephone interview Tuesday that he had filed a motion Monday for a hearing before Circuit Judge Wallace Jopling, who presided over the trial in the Leach case “in order to give Bundy an opportunity for a clemency hearing.”

Bundy was refused clemency on the Chi Omega convictions in 1985.

“We would have a number of options, including appeals, if Judge Jopling denies the motion (for a stay),” Coleman said.

Also on Tuesday, Nollie Lee Martin is scheduled to be executed for the June 1977 kidnapping, rape and murder of convenience store clerk Patricia Greenfield in Delray Beach. His first warrant in 1984 was stayed.

In July, Bundy escaped a death sentence in the Chi Omega cases with only 16 hours to spare when a three-judge federal panel in Atlanta stayed the execution in order to hear appeals. Arguments were heard last month, but the judges have not ruled.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Oct. 14 refused to hear an appeal of Bundy’s conviction in the Lake City killing. Coincidentally, on that day the high court also refused to hear Martin’s appeal.

After serial killer Ted Bundy escaped prison for a second time, he went on a murder spree and murdered various women. During January 14-15, 1978, Bundy entered the FSU’s Chi Omega sorority house. He bludgeoned 21-year-old Margaret Bowman with a large piece of wood as she slept. He then entered the bedroom of 20-year-old Lisa Levy. After knocking her unconscious, he strangled her, and nearly bit off one of her nipples. Two more women were brutally attacked in less than 15 minutes.


After Ted Bundy’s more successful second escape on December 30, 1977,Bundy entered the Florida State University Chi Omega sorority house at approximately 3 a.m. and killed two sleeping women, Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman. Bundy bludgeoned and strangled Levy and Bowman; he also sexually assaulted Levy. He also bludgeoned two other Chi Omegas, Karen Chandler and Kathy Kleiner. The entire episode took no more than half an hour. After leaving the Chi Omega house, Bundy broke into another home a few blocks away, clubbing and severely injuring Florida State University student Cheryl Thomas.

On February 9, 1978, Bundy traveled to Lake City, Florida. While there, he abducted, raped, and murdered 12-year-old Kimberly Leach, throwing her body under a small pig shed.

Eventually, Bundy was stopped by Pensacola police officer David Lee. When the officer called in a check of the license plate, the vehicle came up as stolen. Bundy then scuffled with the officer before he was finally subdued. As Lee took the unknown suspect to jail, Bundy said “I wish you had killed me.” He was later taken to Miami to stand trial for the Chi Omega murders, amidst media frenzy.