In Light of the Holiday Season-

I would like to wish all of my religious and/or foreign followers happy holidays!

-  رمضان‎  (Ramadan) 

-  عيد الفطر (Eid al-Fitr)

-  عيد الأضحى (Eid al-Adha)

-Fiesta de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe)

-Saint Lucia Dag (Saint Lucia’s/Lucy’s Day)

- חֲנֻכָּה or חנוכה (Hanukkah)

-Boxing Day


- 大晦日 (Omisoka)



-Saint Nicholas Day

-Christmas Day

-Three Kings Day/Epiphany

-Winter Solstice

If I’ve forgotten anything or spelled anything wrong, please correct me! Every belief and celebration, nationality, religion, and spelling of said celebrations is important and should be correctly represented!

Just a Quick Apology

Hey guys,

So I just wanted to apologize for all the random reblogs and things that I keep posting. I have an aesthetic-art-memes side blog that I used to use on my laptop only, while Just Brass Things was on my phone. I’ve recently switched, so that Just Brass Things is on my computer, and I keep forgetting about that.  I’m sorry if I’m clogging up your dash with non-music stuff!! 

Margar leiðir til.

Komiði sæl og blessuð, vinir,

Today I bring you all a verse (probably not a terribly good one) with fairly loose form and meter (only some alliteration and possibly misused Icelandic, in some regards). The general meaning is that people often believe that their way is the only way, when in truth there are many paths that can be taken. 

No one person has the completely correct answer, and everything exists within variation and diversity. Everything is fine tuned to suit an individual or a small group, but disaster (that is, sorrow) occurs when one group forces their ways upon another. No matter who may seem “right” or “wrong” in any given perspective, one way can never fully prevail, for diversity and difference will always linger. Progress is a slow thing, and it cannot be obtained with force. It often takes generations of learning and discussing before things can change for the better.

Anyway, enough of the philosophical ramble. I hope you enjoyed this poem!

Skál og ferð vel!

On Gender Issues in Band

Okay so I don’t know if it’s just my band or if it’s like this everywhere, but a couple sections seem to have trouble with girls in leading roles. My friend is section leader of the saxophones with 5 others in her section, all boys. And I am section leader of the trumpets with 7 others, all boys.

We’ve both been having trouble with leading. Or rather, our sections won’t allow us to lead. Whenever, say, I try to tell a freshman that they are consistently playing a wrong note, he scowls and play sit off. But when the other senior, a boy, tells him it’s wrong. He immediately apologizes and writes it in. The other senior knows this is happening and tries to defer authority to me, but at this point I’ve told him to correct things when he wants to. He’s a senior, he’s earned it. But so have I.

My band director disperses parts so everyone in my section has an opportunity to play different parts. Right now, a freshman is second chair. He’s the most rude, unnecessary child I’ve ever had to work with. And I’m a nice person. But this person is just awful. He puts his head down when the BD is working with another section or talking, or he talks over the BD, despite me asking politely countless times to stop. It’s not just him. Everyone, save for the other senior, completely disregards respect. They talk, they use their phones, they fall asleep, they miss entrances, repeatedly fail to practice, among others. It’s not just freshmen. There are sophomores and juniors in the section guilty of the same crimes.

So it’s gotten me thinking. As many times as I’ve tried to cease the unwanted behavior, nothing works. I’ve tried being nice, being mean, ignoring it, and delegating watchmen to fill in for me when I can’t quite catch the other end of the section. Nothing’s working. But when the other senior says anything, even if it’s a simple shush, they stop.

I’m wondering if this is a gender issue. I have been given the authority to lead my section, and the others know this. I’m one of the BD’s most trusted students, yet they still fail to recognize that their behavior is inappropriate when I tell them it is. Is it because I’m a girl? I have boobs and longer hair, so I must not be a good musician, right? I’m just a stupid girl who’s on her period. But wow, that other senior, he’s awesome!

I’m sick of it. And the sax section leader is, too. So now I’m asking you for help. Have you also faced this problem? How did you overcome it? I want to redeem myself and my section before I graduate and authority is given to a now-junior who thinks it’s okay to disrespect the band director.

Rant over, I’m sorry for complaining and clogging your dash.