Sansa Stark AKA one of the most underrated characters in the books (her and MargaeryTyrell tbh)

She has such great character development through the series and the fact she has managed to stay alive so long and adapting to her constantly changing environments while still being ladylike and subtle is really cool. GRRM’s female characters show multiple ways to navigate womanhood in a world that is quite misogynist. They are complex characters with good and bad elements to them, and no matter what they’ve done you find yourself usually sympathizing with them.

I also tried a different style with this piece and I really like it. Going to go back and redo my Arya piece.

hello! i haven’t done one of these in so long so i thought it was best i did one. i love everyone single one of u and if ur not on this list, i still love u (i just have a terrible memory and/or url changes and shit). the graphic greatly represents me during this whole process but i am happy to do it for all you lovely people that make my dash so pleasant. xoxo



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So many of you got it, yes! Tribute to the beautiful #margaerytyrell and, of course, wonderful actress #nataliedormer 🌹💔 will post the full piece tomorrow. Oh my game of thrones obsession…!!

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