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"im guess its 1x05 bc theyre getting ready to leave to go collect rent maybe" I don't know if I'm wrong, but I think this is the exact thing he said to Claire before going to the hunt trip, before the whole witch hunting thing. Maybe they are using the same line in a different order tho

this is possible as well but we do know that they decided to introduce geillis earlier so maybe the line is said earlier ….hmmmmmmmmm

also how does everyone know these books line by line i feel inadequate

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EXACTLY! How could Jamie be kissing Laoghaire to make Claire jealous if he couldn't know Claire would see them? Especially if we take in count the book, where the kiss happens at an even more random place. It's not like they could kiss and tell.

haha yeah it was more of a passing thing in the book rather than something that could have ever been intentional