tygermama  asked:

My happy thought for the day: Tony loves Canada and used to visit a lot, especially in the nineties because Marg, Princess Warrior would ambush him and troll the shit out him about whatever ridic shit he'd been up to lately and it always made him laugh. (He and Mary Walsh are now twitter buddies who tease the shit out of each other)

Oh my you’re brilliant, because Tony Stark and Marg, Princess Warrior.  She’d call him out on his shit but in that Canadian way and dish it back at him just the same as he gives out.

Can you imagine Tony’s first trip to Canada after the Iron Man conference? Marg would find him and demand how he became a superhero without her and he asks her to be his sidekick and the entire watching audience across Canada groans, because Marg, Princess Warrior, is no sidekick

Pepper calls Rhodey at like 2 in the morning to tell him to find a computer he can stream the CBC on, because it’s that awesome.

For those of you who didn’t grow up in Canada in the 90s, Marg is the closest the CBC has to an ambush journalist. See  the greatest hits of the fearless Marg Delahunty, Princess Warrior (Mary Walsh) for 22 Minutes at or if the CBC’s page is regional.


Canadians who can vote, Marg Warrior Princess wants you to vote anything other than conservative