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Who's your least favourite god?

I kind of like and respect all major gods (both Greek and Norse). They each have their good and bad sides and a (mostly tragic or problematic) backstory to back that up. I think the ones I like the least are Zeus and Ares, mostly because of their bad tempers, but they can be quite funny and/or chill as well. On the other hand, you have the minor gods, who are a lot more problematic. There are a few minor gods I dislike such as Kymopoleia, but again she has turned bitter due to neglect and her backstory. Honestly I think, thinking back to when I was reading the books, that I disliked Hercules the most. Sure, he too has just grown bitter over time, but you have to admit that as a patron of heroes he did a shitty job in helping the Seven.

- Marge

“Look at the fireworks, Add!”

“… A little on the bright side, aren’t they?”

“Silly, fireworks represent freedom. Don’t you feel free, seeing them? They remind me a little of home, I’ll be honest.”

“Beyond anything, they remind me of you.”

“What, colourful?”

“Explosive and bright.”


A concept I worked up and put together in the 20-odd minutes that my wifi was down. OTP art always brings me back to life.