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Hey, first time in here ^^ my English is bad but here I go: can yo make headcanons of Apollo and his childs? Also Nico, he has a doctor's note 7.7 (this blog is awesome, and I can't describe how awe is with my poor English, so I describe in Spanish: Este blog es la rehostia de bueno, no he encontrado un blog tan bueno en mis dos años de Tumblr. Gracias :) )

Thank you so much! Nico is so adorable and I’m so glad he’s finally happy! As for the Apollo headcanons, we already replied to a request about him and his kids, so I’ll link you to those. We have a few more in our drafts and as we are slowly working our way through requests and submissions, we’ll get to those as well!

Thank you again for your kind words I had to use google translate, but shhhh. You have no idea how much that means to us!

- Marge

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This is one of three of my OC's. Vita Blanc is an agender child of Boreas. They grew up in the hotel but left because they weren't accept, because ice means solid, unmoving and unchanging. Not exactly accepting. Vita is actually blind in a way, able to see things based of heat waves, only in red, blue, and white. Vita's dad is Aquilon, but they found out about Greek gods because they grew up with gods. Vita knew Luke Castellan cause he stopped in Canada. Hope you like my non binary baby!

I honestly adore Vita! I loved the part about heat waves and that they knew Luke. I hope you get to do something with them and go deeper into their story. Ever thought about roleplaying? Writing stories about them? Where did they go to after they left the hotel? You’ve made me super curious.

- Marge

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I have no idea for the FC... Please, could you help me? Please 🙏🙏🙏

Hmm… Maybe Alyssa Diaz or Bianca Lawson? Serayah Mcneill? I’m not sure. The person I thought of first was Alisha Wainwright as I saw she was cast to play Maia in Shadowhunters, but I don’t think she has a lot of gifs yet that would match Karuin. The most important part is finding a face claim that looks like your oc and that has gifs that match their movements and facial expressions.  Finding enough gifs is a real pain tbh, so finding someone popular is always a good idea as well. Eventually you’ll find the perfect face claim, trust me! 

- Marge

Hiya everyone! First of all; thank you so much for almost 3000 followers! It seems like yesterday Paula and I came up with the idea and squealed at our first notification. Since then or blog has evolved over the last few months and here we are! We’re both really grateful and super flattered you all seem to enjoy our community so much and take so much initiative in sending in your headcanons! 

Secondly, we’ll be answering requests as soon as possible, but as much as we’d love to answer all of them immediately, life sometimes gets in the way and we already have a lot of requests we need to answer first. 

Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying our blog and that you are having a great day in general!

- Marge