The things you learn making animated gifs! Here is a set of damselflies in flight, with various speeds, in a report on an international exposition of air flight in the National Air and Space Museum’s rare book collection. While my French is not the greatest, it looks as if various institutions including le Muséum national d'histoire naturelle, la Station physiologique du Collège de France, and l'Institut Marey worked together to study flight of insects and other animals for the International Exposition on Flight, the first airshow held at the Grand Palais in Paris, 1909.

L'Institut Marey was named for Etienne-Jules Marey, a physiologist and contemporary of Eadweard Muybridge. Marey had developed a camera expressly for the scientific study of movement. His last assistant and later replacement as head of l'Insititut Marey, Lucien Bull, further developed the technique by devising a high-speed camera to capture never before seen phenomenon such as a bullet piercing a soap bubble. It was a camera like this that Bull probably used to take the photos of this damselfly. For the first time, they could see precisely how insects took flight. Marey and Bull’s “gun camera” would later develop into modern cinematography, birthing a whole new industry you are probably familiar with.

If your French is decent, or if you’re curious to see the many photographs and illustrations, Rapport officiel de la première exposition international de locomotion aerienne (with the rapport officiel de la deuxième exposition also scanned and starting on p. 139) is definitely worth checking out. 

quick lil wind down sketch after work so I could hopefully get my brain to ease into a sleepy state, at least enough to nap!

this was a terrible idea because my hand was already killing me. Anyway, since I draw homestuck (I typed himestuck wtf) every day, I decided to draw a prompt I saw on my dash and drew Hal as a wee babby kid. It’s halbabby! 

now I go pass out for a couple of hours and let my hand rest. erhgh.

Please Dont Forget This My Allies And Vassal Lords

You Can Still Be A Badboy And Belive In God. You Can Still Be A Badboy And Go To Church (Catholic) And Remember: “Jesus Son Of Marey”

Still portraits of athletes are the counterweight to the action and allow for reflection. There are many portraits of famous athletes, but there are also many indelible portraits of lesser-known or anonymous sports figures: the high school footballer, the amateur boxer, the struggling gymnast, the young bullfighter. The most sensitive photographers will find something that triggers the viewer’s admiration or understanding, or that provides emotional insight into the struggles and achievements of their individual subjects, famous or not.

Étienne Marey and Georges Demeny’s early photographs of human movement inspired the backdrops of Gérard Rancinan’s extended 2004 series of Olympic athletes, including this photograph of five-time Olympic gold medalist Laura Flessel and her épeé (fencing sword). This series is effective pictorially and historically. In it, Rancianan borrows liberally from the great artists before him, and, in his own imaginative way, helps keep their work alive.

Gerard Rancinan (French, born 1953). Laura Flessel, 2001. Chromogenic print. Courtesy of the artist.