Étienne-Jules Marey, Chronophotograph of a man and his dog, 1896

Chronophotography is basically the ancester of the gif. It’s a photographic technique from the Victorian era (beginning about 1867–68), which captures movement in several frames of print. It is the predecessor to cinematography and moving film.

St Mary’s Abbey, York, North Yorkshire, England

This once powerful abbey was oft featured in the medieval ballads of Robin Hood (his arch-enemy a ‘ryche abbot here besyde Of  Seynt Mari Abbey‘). Originally built around 1055 by William the Conqueror, it was re-founded in 1088 as a Benedictine monastery. Destroyed by Henry VIII in 1540. The ruins sit in the courtyard of the modern Yorkshire Museum, in the shadows of the prominent York Minster Cathedral.


Marei is a prostitute in Chataya’s brothel. @joannalannister theorized that she is the bastard daughter of Tywin, from his days as the Hand. Someone had to build that tunnel. Considering Tywin holds such derision for bastards and prostitutes it’s just makes her theory all the better. 

She’s described as beautiful but solemn and likes to bet with the other girls, usually for jewelry. 

Silver looks good on her and she likes wearing light blue, green and turquoise to go with her pale green eyes. She can be a little haughty sometimes, and likes shiny expensive things. Pretty things make her feel better, especially when she falls into her depression. She struggles with wearing a happy face, but some customers don’t care because she’s that gorgeous and despondence becomes her. 

So i got bored and drew this…

From left to right

Chiller and Lit - @elemental-floweys

Mon - @wowfloweyplaysgamessocoolrite

Pointy and Shifter - @flowey-answers

Delirium, Happy, Hysteria, Mania - @happyflowey

Marey - @marey-the-marigold

Gummy - @illtrytobegood

Rowdy - @rowdyrowdyflower

Key - Mine - @weirdcolorfulflower


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leonalmalsy  asked:

Do you believe that Tywin had the secret passage built to the brothel from the tower of the hand? And, if so, was it is while he was married with Joanna or after her death?

Thanks for the question, leonalmalsy.

Well, a point of clarification: the passage isn’t from Chataya’s to the Tower of the Hand, it’s from Chataya’s to a nearby stable. That being said, I have no doubt that Tywin was the one who built the tunnel. After all, look at how it’s described:

“How is it a brothel happens to have a secret entrance?”“

The tunnel was dug for another King’s Hand, whose honor would not allow him to enter such a house openly. Chataya has closely guarded the knowledge of its existence.”

I really doubt Chataya’s brothel has been there for longer than the reign of Aerys II (who became king in 262 AC). She doesn’t strike me as a native of King’s Landing - especially as she notes her daughter was born in the city - and Chataya herself is probably not much older, if indeed she is older, than the start of Aerys’ reign; I would guess she came to King’s Landing as an adult sometime during Aerys’ time as king and set up shop. There’s also no indication that there was a brothel on that same location before Chataya came, that she might have simply inherited the brothel and its secret tunnel (and the difficulty of keeping a secret like that for an extended period of time would be considerable).

If we can assume Chataya’s secret tunnel was built sometime during or after the reign of King Aerys, then, it can be narrowed down which Hand built it. Owen Merryweather, perhaps, but little is known about him; he was old when he came to the position and was considered ineffectual, neither of which suggests him as its builder. Jon Connington had eyes only for Rhaegar, and would have had no interest in building a secret brothel tunnel. Rossart and Chelsted were both very short serving, so neither would have had the time to commission this secret tunnel, and neither likely would have had the necessary capital to anyway (Chelsted was only a Crownlands lord, Rossart a mere alchemist). Jon Connington was certainly a man of honor, but he was also an old man who had enough trouble fathering a child on any of his wives; I doubt he had either the energy or desire to spend his limited free time on prostitutes.

But then there’s Tywin Lannister. Tywin, the man whose father, brother, and uncle (and possibly grandfather) had all taken mistresses and/or fathered bastard children. Tywin, who almost certainly sired Marei, one of Chataya’s prostitutes. Tywin, who explicitly commanded Tyrion not take “the whore” Shae to court and harm the Lannister reputation. Tywin, whose last hours were spent with that same whore in his bed and whose attitude toward sex and power was, to put it nicely, disturbing. Who makes more sense than proud Lord Lannister, the solemn widower who “never touched a woman” after Joanna died (in his daughter’s mind), who would both have plenty of capital to commission such a tunnel and an understandable desire to maintain his reputation at court against the openly lascivious, increasingly antagonistic Aerys?

And GRRM has been deliberately coy about it, too. When asked if Tywin had any bastards, he said Tywin would “have you flogged for the mere suggestion” - which, of course, only reaffirms the idea that Tywin would want to keep this a secret. When asked if Marei could be Tyrion’s daughter by Tysha, GRRM simply responded “no comment”. When explicitly asked if Tywin built the tunnel, GRRM said that was an "interesting theory“.

As for when, hard to say; Tywin was Hand for the better part of two decades. But I don’t see him abstaining from using prostitutes during Joanna’s lifetime, even if he had not formally commissioned the tunnel. In Tywin’s mind, I imagine the two were on completely separate planes. He “had a man’s needs”, and Joanna was (after being dismissed from Rhaella’s service) not there to fulfill them. I think Tywin would have seen no contradiction in loving Joanna and having sex with prostitutes: Joanna was his lady wife, the mother of his golden heir, his trusted partner, while these women were simply serving a physical need he had.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)