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What is this? No one ever asks Miss Marevelous any thing on hearts and hooves day. Well we can't have that, now can we? Spill it darling we want to hear everything, details. Who are you seeing, is it serious, did you have any plans for this evening?

Marevelous: First of all, thank you. Second, don’t call me darling, you sound like a pretentious snob.  All my senses are engaged, sometimes at the same time, by Radiance.

I’d give you more details on exactly how, but Matterhorn promised to censor me. The only reason it’s not none of your business is that she’s wonderful, I’m really excited that she’s my marefriend, and you can’t have her.

Radiance: It’s true. I have free will and she has dibs. No takesy backsies either.

Marevelous: We’re that serious! We’re no takesy backies, all five senses entangled. We’ve past the point of no return.

Radiance: We’re so serious that we could be married, but aren’t because every time we try the ceremony gets ruined or we lose our paperwork in a fire.

Marevelous: We’re so serious that we can’t even stay mad at each other because when we try to be mad at each other Radiance ruins it by being super cute.

Radiance: We’re pretty much doomed by mutual affection, kiss addiction and separation anxiety.

Marevelous: It’s about as serious as a heart condition.

Marevelous: Don’t laugh, heart conditions are serious. You’re undermining the gravely austere seriousness of our relationship.

Marevelous: We could die. We’re disgustingly, death sentence, cardiac arrest, forgot to file our taxes serious.

Radiance: We’re terminal!

Marevelous: Do you see this. This is Radiance dying in a hysterical episode because we’re just that serious. Look, she’s dead.

Marevelous: Are you done?

Radiance: I don’t think we really made plans for tonight.

Marevelous: Oh. So we’re back on topic now. Yeah. With the ask event, we had to stay available to answer any late coming questions that could have come our way. We did some together things this morning, but I had to do something today and then I got back and Hum Drum was back from school, so we’ve been hanging out with the team, doing crafts and snacking mostly. This morning was nice, though.

Radiance: But much too short.

Marevelous: Yeah, but it had some nice details.

Radiance: Very true.

Marevelous: I got your hair in my mouth. It tasted minty because we’d spilled that stuff on it and didn’t stay awake to clean it up. And this is the part where we get censored over basic grooming because somewhere along the line it became somehow inappropriate to give somepony a tongue bath.

Radiance: An incomplete tonguebath, even. The state of propriety in this team when Marevelous can’t even lick an envelope in the same room as anyone else without getting in trouble.

Marevelous: The touloungeaphobia on this team is unreal. But yeah. Today’s a wash, we’ll probably have a do over later. We’ll probably pull out the hang glider, a couple dozen pretzel sticks dipped in different chocolates, maybe finish that tongue bath.

Radiance: Now that it’s an act of defiance, we must finish the tonguebath. I’m still minty. Oh. And we’re going to put together a 1000 piece puzzle.

Marevelous: Yeah?

Radiance: Mm-hmm. But you can’t use your tongue, it’ll warp the pieces. I didn’t think far enough ahead to make them immune to saliva or teeth. It was a foolish, foolish oversight.

Radiance: This is Mistress Marevelous, not keeping her tongue to herself because I am a minty, minty fool that forgot she has a hard time manipulating small objects without it.


I while back, I started a series of busts from one of my most favorite episodes of MLP:FiM. Recently, I just completed the series so here they all are collectively.

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Angel: What all of you need is some Love Advice from this Sexy Chica... now who is ready to smooch?

Zapp: I would kiss you, but I am not sure I could do so without injury.

Marevelous: Does your Love Advice involve stabbing your smoochee in the mouth? That thing looks like a kiss prevention device.

Saddle Rager: I think it’s cool.

Marevelous, Sure, but you wouldn’t kiss her.

Hum Drum: Doesn’t food get stuck in it?

Midnight: Of course it does, mouth piercings get infected over food residue and improper cleaning all the time.

Marevelous: You want to give Love Advice and smooches when your mouth’s a death trap?

Matterhorn: Says the mare whose mouth’s a cesspool.

Marevelous: A smoochable, fruit flavored cesspool that won’t give you tetanus.

Matterhorn: Not yet.

Hum Drum: Wait! I know how not to get tenitis!

Saddle Rager: Kid cracked the code.

Zapp: Oh, that is much easier!

Radiance: If you’re done complaining about her lip spike, I’m ready to smooch now.

Marevelous: Yeah?

Radiance: Mm-hmm.

Matterhorn: Oh brother.

Matterhorn: Is NOPONY going to keep their mouth to themselves?

Saddle Rager: Well, you are. Hold on. Despite the clear surplus of cheek kissing going on here, my PDA senses are tingling.

Matterhorn: Marevelous?

Saddle Rager: Probably. It’s your turn to yell at her.

Matterhorn: MAREVELOUS! How many times do we have to tell you to keep your tongue to yourself?

Marevelous: You don’t own me!

“I wanna be as cool as you when I grow up, Momma!”

“Whoa, whoa…Jasper, honey, easy. C’mon now. Let’s set goals that are, y’know…attainable, kiddo.”

“Urgh. Jasper, sweetheart, don’t listen to your mom. I assure you that under her “cool” exterior beats the heart of a huge dork.”

“Hey! I’m not taking that from a guy who cosplayed as Mistress friggin’ Marevelous when we were teens! Although…that costume did look pretty dang hot on you, babe-”

“Not in front of Jazzy, Scootaloo!”

“Hehe. Aw, you’re blushing under your scales. Anyway, my point being, Jasper, sweetheart, is that compared to your dad, I am the Queen of Cool.”

“If you’re the Queen, then can I be the Princess, Momma?”

“Hmm, I dunno, kid, think we’re gonna have to run that by Equestria’s royal parliament. Submit your application to the Committee of Coolness, allow six to eight business days for processing-”

“-Yes, Jazzy, sweetheart. What your mother means to say is, of course you can be the Princess of Cool.”

lots of requests for ScootaSpike/Jasper family shenanigans
well here ya go, one of my favorite, woefully under-represented shipsthe sporty tomboy and the dork dragon

Also Adult Scootaloo is a huge flirt, but Spike is such an easily flustered dork, how can she resist

so yah, that’s my design for Adult Spike, I debated for a while whether he should be bipedal or quadrupedal…eh, four legs looks more natural amongst ponies
Jasper’s kind of in for a shock, turns out both of her parents are huge dorks