Quick doodle for today.

Between stuff coming up at work and getting sick this week, I have fallen behind further than I would have liked on what would have been this week’s update.

Sorry bout that. Once again, thank you all for sticking around. Hopefully things will be back on track by next week.

“I wanna be as cool as you when I grow up, Momma!”

“Whoa, whoa…Jasper, honey, easy. C’mon now. Let’s set goals that are, y’know…attainable, kiddo.”

“Urgh. Jasper, sweetheart, don’t listen to your mom. I assure you that under her “cool” exterior beats the heart of a huge dork.”

“Hey! I’m not taking that from a guy who cosplayed as Mistress friggin’ Marevelous when we were teens! Although…that costume did look pretty dang hot on you, babe-”

“Not in front of Jazzy, Scootaloo!”

“Hehe. Aw, you’re blushing under your scales. Anyway, my point being, Jasper, sweetheart, is that compared to your dad, I am the Queen of Cool.”

“If you’re the Queen, then can I be the Princess, Momma?”

“Hmm, I dunno, kid, think we’re gonna have to run that by Equestria’s royal parliament. Submit your application to the Committee of Coolness, allow six to eight business days for processing-”

“-Yes, Jazzy, sweetheart. What your mother means to say is, of course you can be the Princess of Cool.”

lots of requests for ScootaSpike/Jasper family shenanigans
well here ya go, one of my favorite, woefully under-represented shipsthe sporty tomboy and the dork dragon

Also Adult Scootaloo is a huge flirt, but Spike is such an easily flustered dork, how can she resist

so yah, that’s my design for Adult Spike, I debated for a while whether he should be bipedal or quadrupedal…eh, four legs looks more natural amongst ponies
Jasper’s kind of in for a shock, turns out both of her parents are huge dorks

bowlerhatwearer  asked:

I barely enjoy movies from the USA, mostly Hollywood stuff, at least action and romance. Action most of the time goes, explosion, good looking woman, kiss scene or even more, big evil dies (no possibility for redemption) etc. etc., it also frustrates me that the Hero is always some American Super Soldier Agent, or like I perfer to say "Tom Clancy Syndrome". Of course this dosen't aplly to every movie, but you kind of get that feeling sometimes.

(2/3) I really appreciate french animated movies not only because they are good, but also because they are good and not from a big film company like Disney or 20th Century Fox Animation. And that’s what I find is so great. They are marevelous in their own way and drawing styles. And as I said, I appreciate French Humor.

(3/3) And whilest I really appreciate Findig Nemo and think it’s a good movie, in my opinion Le triplets de Beleville should have gotten that Oscar. I mean, it also tells the story of a relative searching for the younger relative ;-.)

Each country has its culture / values and as such will tell different kind of stories. Which is why a lot of american blockbusters (at least the ones we focus the most on) “feel” the same. Of course there are different kind of stories that are being told in the USA, but Hollywood obviously prefers to focus on certain genres than others. Which is fine and all, but it obviously doesn’t represent the whole diversity of narratives we can find in other places of the world. It’s a matter of cultural bias and storytelling preferences, as you illustrated.

I should give a try to Les Triplettes De Belleville, it sounds funny !