“I wanna be as cool as you when I grow up, Momma!”

“Whoa, whoa…Jasper, honey, easy. C’mon now. Let’s set goals that are, y’know…attainable, kiddo.”

“Urgh. Jasper, sweetheart, don’t listen to your mom. I assure you that under her “cool” exterior beats the heart of a huge dork.”

“Hey! I’m not taking that from a guy who cosplayed as Mistress friggin’ Marevelous when we were teens! Although…that costume did look pretty dang hot on you, babe-”

“Not in front of Jazzy, Scootaloo!”

“Hehe. Aw, you’re blushing under your scales. Anyway, my point being, Jasper, sweetheart, is that compared to your dad, I am the Queen of Cool.”

“If you’re the Queen, then can I be the Princess, Momma?”

“Hmm, I dunno, kid, think we’re gonna have to run that by Equestria’s royal parliament. Submit your application to the Committee of Coolness, allow six to eight business days for processing-”

“-Yes, Jazzy, sweetheart. What your mother means to say is, of course you can be the Princess of Cool.”

lots of requests for ScootaSpike/Jasper family shenanigans
well here ya go, one of my favorite, woefully under-represented shipsthe sporty tomboy and the dork dragon

Also Adult Scootaloo is a huge flirt, but Spike is such an easily flustered dork, how can she resist

so yah, that’s my design for Adult Spike, I debated for a while whether he should be bipedal or quadrupedal…eh, four legs looks more natural amongst ponies
Jasper’s kind of in for a shock, turns out both of her parents are huge dorks


I while back, I started a series of busts from one of my most favorite episodes of MLP:FiM. Recently, I just completed the series so here they all are collectively.