mares doodles


Cal, Mare, Maven, Elara, Cameron, Evangeline, a smol and happy Kilorn, Farley, and Shade.

….Cal made them all wear flower crowns, and Cameron’s both confused and done with the fact she’s in between two ice queens….

(I think I’ve got them all culturally correct, please tell me if I didn’t)

More of a lewder OC that unless you follow my NSFW tumblr you would have never seen her. This is the only pony drawing I’ve drawn of her, she’s mainly anthro based.

Coconut may look petite and classy but she has a foul mouth full of pickup lines and jokes always at the ready. She’s a full on dom and enjoys flirting and dating casually. She likes to make sure her partners are well loved and happy and will never lie about her feelings on commitment. She’s just free pony who just wants to party and hook up with cute mares.  

Bonus doodles -