mares doodles


Cal, Mare, Maven, Elara, Cameron, Evangeline, a smol and happy Kilorn, Farley, and Shade.

….Cal made them all wear flower crowns, and Cameron’s both confused and done with the fact she’s in between two ice queens….

(I think I’ve got them all culturally correct, please tell me if I didn’t)


Sorry for lack of activity lately. I have been drawing! They’ve just been either quick practice doodles like this, or the charity commissions.

I got 3 commissions and a request totalling $100 for the Viw fund! Definitely bit off more than I can chew, but I’m gonna gnaw through it with daily streams this week!

Another quick doodle of Mare Barrow. Figured I’d tried her all done up, and stuffs. I think her hair is the favorite of those I’ve done so far. It turned out a lot better than I originally expected. 

Anyway, more to follow when I get some more time! Just got Glass Sword so I’m sure there will be more to follow once I start it. Only a little left till I’m finished with Extinction Machine and then I’ll be able to get started! So excited!