Some Salvadoran slang.

Ajolotado(a) - Said of persons displaying nervous, rushed, hyperactive behaviour.

Achicar - To belittle or ridicule someone [i.e: me achico, he ridiculed me]

Aguacatero - Said of a dog. A stray dog or one considered inferior or of mixed breed; a mutt. Also you can call a human being this as an insult.

Apiarse - A command to get down from a higher elevation, such as a tree. [i never quite understood this one]

Ahuevo - By force or doing something even if you don’t want to. Assertive response for “yes.” [i.e: hey, did you like last nights soccer game? - ahuevo, it was good]

Baboso(a) - An insult meaning a stupid, ignorant, slow person. Derived from the verb “to drool,” as in a drooling idiot or mentally ill person.[ i.e.: this baboso!]

Babosada - Statements or opinions considered either foolish or worthless. Also, anything considered worthless or bothersome.

Bayunco - Immature, foolish.

Bicho(a) - literally, a creepy crawling thing like an insect. However in El Salvador it is used to describe a little kid, sometimes derogatory, like “brat” or “punk.”

Bolo(a) - Drunk, wasted, tipsy on drink. Can be used as a noun or an adjective.

Cabal - Exactly, true, certainly. Used exhaustingly in El Salvador to answer in the affirmative. [ she is just so stupid! - cabal, I don’t like her]

Campesino - A farmer.

Cachimbazo - A strong impact, blow or hit. [i.e.: that was big cachimbazo]

Champa - A Ramshackle hut made of all kinds of odd materials; a shanty.

Chele - Usually used to described a blond or caucasion person. Derived from re-arranging the syllables from the word Leche, meaning milk.

Chiche - Easy, accomplished without a struggle. Also, slang for a woman’s breast.

Chivo - Something that is cool or awesome.

Chucho - A dog. Also used to refer to persons in a derogatory or jokingly manner.

Chupa - A social gathering for the sole purpose of drinking alcohol. Or chupadero which is the slang for bat or pub.

Cora - Spanglish for the quarter-dollar coin. El Salvador uses the U.S. dollar and coins.

Dundo - Stupid or dumb.

Enbolar - To get drunk.

Garrobo - Used interchangably among large lizards, especially Iguana. [ we eat this, they are good]

Goma - A Hangover. Estoy de goma - I am hungover.

Gringo - Used to denote anybody from North America or Europe. Not necessarily in a derogative manner.

Guacal - A large Bowl, usually made of plastic for food, washing or transport.

Guaro - Slang for Aguardiente, a strong, and usually cheap, cane liquor.

Mara - A group of friends or an unspecified group of people. Also can mean a gang, as in La Mara Salvatrucha.

Marero - A gang member. Stay away from this person.

Metido(a) - given to prying into the affairs of others.

Monte - A wooded or non-developed area. Animal del monte - A wild animal. Also slang for marijuana.

Paja - A lie. [ don’t give me paja, which would be something like, don’t bullshit me]

Perico - A little bird. More commonly slang for cocaine.

Pisto - Money.

Puchica - (Also used in Guatemala and Honduras) Oh my gosh! Damn! An expression of surprise or anger, often softer than the more vulgar, puta! (whore).

Pupusa - A Salvadoran dish made from cornmeal masa, or dough, stuffed with cheese, beans and pork and then fried. [ this are heaven, I swear]

Rai - Spanglish for “ride”. Usually as a hitch-hiking request, as in, “dame rai,” or give me a ride.

Riata - A strong beating.

Sepa or asaber - Who knows? Or “only god knows.”

Tacuazin - Opossum.

Talega - In a drunken state.

Tecolote - An owl.

Trompear - To hit the mouth, From the word “trompa” meaning mouth.

Tunco - Pig; usually refers to part of a butchered pig.

Vá?! Interjection meaning, ’ do you agree’, or simply stressing the affirmative statement to which it seves as an ending.

Vaya pues - Usually means “ok then,” as in when you are taking leave of someone you have just greeted on the street. Sometimes shortened to, “vapues.”

Vergón - Positive exclamation, an equivalent to slang for ‘cool.’

Zopilote - A vulture or buzzard.

Here, this is some Salvadoran slang. As a Salvadoran I think this give the Spanish language a bit of more flavour as so does other Latin slang.

Some of this are meant to be offensive, so go ahead and call your friends this! They will never know … Unless they speak Spanish.