The fact that I can actually go visit Greece next summer is so exciting! Happy that I have a well paying job that allows me to take weeks off during the summer.

Right now, that’s my string of happiness holding me on.

One of the guys I first met when I came to Edmonton just got back from Indonesia and Vietnam. He brought me back a bracelet, and didn’t bring back anything for people he’s worked with for years. Pretty good feeling to know I made such a impact on someone for talking/working with him for a week before he left that he thought about me on his vacay and got my a bracelet.

Such aweeee’s, reminds me of a couple guys from home.

So earlier this week I reblogged a post about a barista blacking out some of the words on the cup so that it read “You’re extremely hot” …. I go to Starbucks today & IT HAPPENED TO ME ! When I noticed it I couldn’t help but think he’s from tumblr as well. I really need to start looking at my cups before I drive away because he was definitely a babe ahaha