mareliini draws


some demon sheep I designed. They are based on finnsheep since that’s the breed I’m most familiar with. Probably different breeds will have different designs and so on.

Notable things:

- sheep generally have front teeth only in their jaw. It looks absolutely hilarious and they hate when you find it out. They also have cloven hooves with really cute pink pads you just want to squeeze. 

- finnsheep have smol tail and proper horns are rare among them, even for the rams. Usually they have only small stumps which will fall off all the time. Some will get lucky tho.

- a flock of sheep staring at you in the dark is one of the most horrifying things you will ever see. Sheep’s pupils are split horizontally and look cool as heck (always here to debunk “bill is the goat because of the eyes” myth at your service).


My art tag here! Go check for other examples of my work!


Prices (in case pictures wont show up)

Full colored bust 15$, extra bg or character +10$

Full colored full body 20$, extra character +15$

Full colored illustration 30$ - 40$, extra character +15$

I paint and color everything with watercolors. WONT draw fetish art or porn, will draw fanart, oc’s, stylized animals and other stuff. Ask me if you’re unsure about anything!

Contact me here in tumblr via insta messaging or send ask! Or send me email at