day 6: three legged wheel

so i am not able to get into wheel pose at all, so i planned on just doing bridge pose,but then it occurred to me that maybe i would be able to get into it with assistance. so i asked my sister to help support my torso as I try to get into it. it somewhat worked, i wasn’t able to push myself up any further because i have like no arm strength - at least i know what i have to work on now. :]

happy thought of the day:

running. it is so hard, but it benefits you so much - not only physically but mentally as well. there is no better feeling than to go further than you thought you could, to achieve the runner’s high, and always to keep moving forward. 

day 1: tree pose. what throws off your balance?

my balance gets thrown off when i am not doing what i feel is right, when i am stressed out, afraid, or unhappy. it is easy for me to lose focus and fall into a cycle of self-destruction. lately, i have been stressed out because of school and feeling like i’m not doing what is right for me and that has really thrown me off balance. along with this, i am scared for the future, for the unknown but i can’t keep getting upset over what might be, i need to find my stable ground again through focusing on now and trying to accept that i deserve more than what i allow myself.


feeling really great coming back to yoga. did 30 minutes of a video.

i’ve writted down all the poses i want to practice on a regular basis and have separated them into days. today’s yoga poses are: dolphin, eagle, hero, modified side plank, side bend, standing back bend, one-legged bridge, and one-legged down dog.