tremble, little lightning girl, you’ll never settle any of your scores

I got a little carried away with the details of the House Titanos dress woops. I’m also super pleased because I finished this in time for Glass Sword’s release day!!

And finally after 500 years, the Silver squad (plus one faux silver) is complete:

Cal [x], Evangeline [x], Maven [x]

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Aspettavo un ragazzo che mi portasse al mare d'inverno da troppo tempo. Uno che alla mia richiesta “voglio andare al mare” non risponde “sei pazza? Fa troppo freddo” ma semplicemente dice “andiamo”. Ed è proprio quello che è successo ieri a me. Mi ha portato al mare, mi ha offerto il caffè e poi ci siamo seduti su un muretto. E cosi mentre il vento mi scompigliava i capelli guardavo lui che fumava una sigaretta dopo l'altra e mi parlava. Mi ha chiesto se ne volevo una ma ho scosso la testa, volevo godermi il momento, per quanto insignificante fosse.

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anonymous asked:

Ulbert, if you can describe all the people you frequently speak with in Nazarick in one word each, what would those words be for each person?

Hmmm, very tricky….alright;

@lord-momonga: Leader

@a-touch-of-silvery-justice: Rival

@tabula-smaragdina-reborn: Partner

@lexicon-the-world-scholar: Student

@nazaricks-star-kitsune: Naive

@thatoneconformist: Funny

@bukubukuchagama: Cute

@warriortakemikazuchi: Brother

@peroronchinoh4lyfe: Pervert

@nazarick-skeleton: Loyal

@lovely-overseer-albedo: Lovely

@bloody-vampire-lolita: Dear

@aura-and-mare: Adorable

@umbra-messor: Interesting

@bardwil-the-blackcrusader: Strong

….I think that’s everyone….Am I missing anyone?

Female characters can be the heroes

Clary is not just Jace she is more she is a character of herself and she is independent.
Tris is not just with Tobias she is more
Mare doesn’t need to end up with Cal or Maven to be happy.She can kick both their asses and be single and happy with her friends and family.
Inej is more than capable to save herself alone without Kaz.
Rey doesn’t have to end up with Finn or Kaylo,she is a fighter that searches for her family.
Female characters do need a lover to be complete and their entire purpose is not to fall in love and have a boyfriend they can be the heroes