♥ my first ever mutuals appreciation post ♥

i’ve never reached more than 600 followers on tumblr and now i have 1k. in return, this is my attempt at thanking the lovely people i’ve come across on here (literally ALL my mutuals), u all make my day whether it’s with ur pretty aesthetic, funny posts, or otherwise amiable content !! i’m so far up ur asses man i love my mutuals .

lemme also just say i hope u lot are feeling Gud and happy as u see this. i love you so much! never 4get i’ll always be around if u need anything (someone to rant/vent/talk to.. someone to send cat pictures… … . (i’m dropping hints i want my mutuals to show me their cats (i want my mutuals to show me their cats))) … also there will be a big block of text because i included EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of my mutuals which is Wild but i didn’t want to leave anyone out.

excuse my lack of effort in making a proper photo edit for this .. but hey at least u get some good quality doyoung next to a cake !


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Angelic names of the Goetia

It is understood that a large quantity of the Goetic Demons are fallen angels, and by my research I have found the *alleged* pre-fall names for those who once resided in the realms of Heaven. Despite this, there is still the possibility that some of these Demons may have different origins, but this is still worth sharing.

Agares- Ager

Aim- Ayem

Alloces- Alok

Amdusias- Amedok

Amy- Avan

Andras- Andar

Andrealphus- Andaraleph

Andromalius- Andromal

Asmodeus- Asmodai

Astaroth- Ashteroth

Balem- Ba’alem

Barbatos- Barbetosh

Beleth- Baleth

Belial- Baliel

Bifrons- Bipharo

Botis- Botish

Buer- Buar

Bune- Bel

Camio- Kain

Cimeries- Kimaur

Crocell- Karokal

Dantalion- Danamael

Decarabia- Dekorab

Eligos- Aligosh

Flauros- Huar

Focalor- Phukelor

Foras- Purash

Forneus- Bayem

Furcas- Phurnash

Furfur- Porphur

Gaap- Gexaph

Glasya-Labolas- Glaslabul

Gremory- Namor

Gusion- Gosyon

Haagenti- Ha’agnath

Halphas- Haleph

Ipos- Yaphosh

Leraje- Laraik

Malphas- Maleph

Marbas- Mareb

Marchosias- Marchosh

Murmur- Morem

Naberius- Neber

Orobas- Orob

Ose- Avael

Paimon- Phaimeran

Phenex- Phanax

Purson- Purshon

Ronove- Rinvav

Sabnock- Shabnik

Sallos- Shalos

Seere- Shar

Stolas- Yashtolosh

Sitri- Shitari

Valefor- Valephar

Vapula- Nephol

Vassago- Vashago

Vepar- Vephar

Vine- Vina

Volac- Phok

Vual- Vael

Zagan- Zagen

Zepar- Zapher

Demons with no name change- Amon, Bathin, Berith, Gamigin, Morax, Oriax, Raum