mare's tail

“-E tu, come mi vedi?
-Come un mistero.
-E’ uno strano complimento. Il più strano che abbia mai ricevuto.
-Non è un complimento. E’ una minaccia.
-Che significa?
-I misteri vanno svelati.
-Potrei deluderti.
-O magari sorprendermi.”

— “L’ombra del vento”, Carlos Ruiz Zafòn.

Signs as clouds
  • aries: cumulonimbus (storm clouds, associated with thunderstorms)
  • taurus: altocumulus (middle-altitude clouds, larger than cirrocumulus)
  • gemini: cumulus (round, cotton-like, flat based)
  • cancer: cirrus (thin, wispy strands, mares' tails)
  • leo: cirrocumulus (high-altitude clouds, supercooled, made of ice crystals)
  • virgo: stratocumulus (lower altitude, creates shallow cloud layers, dark rounded masses)
  • libra: stratus (low-altitude cloud, horizontal layering, uniform base)
  • scorpio: cirrostratus (high-altitude, very thin cloud, associated with drizzle or snow grains)
  • sagittarius: cumulus (round, cotton-like, flat based)
  • capricorn: altostratus (middle-altitude cloud, uniform, bluish-gray layer)
  • aquarius: nimbostratus (low-altitude cloud, associated with precipitation)
  • pisces: cirrus (thin, wispy strands, mares' tails)
  • (based on its meteorological properties, not only appearance)

Dawn In The Enchanted Forest.

Sherratt’s Rough Woods, Whitegate, Cheshire England.   June 2015.

All kinds of naturally occurring plants in this peat bog area - there are many SSI’s (Sites of Scientific Interest) in this wood, this is probably one of them - so it would be disruptive (not to mention dangerous) to venture further into the bog.   With the ferns, mares tails & the irises it really seems other-worldly; all that is missing is Gandalf or Bilbo Baggins.

Nikon D300 17-55 f2.8G.   Shot at 17mm f22 1/5th sec + fill-in flash.

Legend says that the Abbayan strain takes its name from a desert war mare who lived centuries ago.
The Bedouins have often told that her owner was once fleeing from the enemy, and being hard pressed, her rider attempted to lighten the load by discarding his cloak, or, abaya. But the mare carried her tail so high and with such pride, that the cloak was held by her tail all the way back to the riders encampment. 

The Abbayan strain continues from the great mares, such as NK Jamilla (NK Hafid Jamil x NK Asila) - pictured here by Glenn Jacobs.

RP with ask-molly-and-willow

(Two ponies were set up in different booths. Both ponies looked like twins, but the male had a both with mare type objects will the mare with puffy mare and tail had stallion objects for sale)

Carrel: Come one come all for the sale of the life time! Everything you see is 50% off!

Carla: Well come on HERE for a BETTER deal! Everything 60% off and this! (She holds up a comic book) Is 80% off!

Carrel: No! Not my comic!

“Where am I going? I’m going out, out for a walk. I don’t know where except outside. Outside argument, out beyond wallpapered walls, outside wherever it is where nobody ever imagines. Beyond where computers circumvent emotion, where somebody shorted specs for rivets for airframes on today’s flights. I’m taking off on my own two feet. I’m going to clear my head, to watch mares’-tails instead of TV, to listen to trees and silence, to see if I can still breathe. I’m going to be alone with myself, to feel how it feels to embrace what my feet tell my head, what wind says in my good ear. I mean to let myself be embraced, to let go feeling so centripetally old. Do I know where I’m going? I don’t. How long or far I have no idea. No map. I said I was going to take a walk. When I’ll be back
I’m not going to say.”   -’Talk about Walking’- by Philip Booth