mare post

  • Me: *sees lightning* mARE
  • *sees fire*: cAL
  • *sees fish*: kILORN
  • *sees red*: sCARLET GUARD
  • *sees bat wings*: rhYSAND
  • *sees red and gold*: gRYFFINDOR
  • *sees a castle*: hOGWARTS
  • *sees bow and arrow*: kATNISS
  • *sees bread*: pEETA
  • *sees a ferris wheel*: fOURTRIS
  • *sees a trash can*: mAVEN
  • *sees a tampon/tool*: tAMLIN
  • *sees cassette tapes*: 13 rEASONS WHY
  • *sees pearls*: vERONICA
  • *sees a blue French horn*: hOW I MET YOUR MOTHER
  • *sees a grave*: tRIS PRIOR

“i’ve never owned anything so nice…”

y’all it took me forever to finish the new chapter bc every time nadia was on the screen i just sat there and stared at her bc how is she so damn pretty?! anyway, here’s mare wearing her new clothes (thanks nadia you da best) while wondering what julian would think if he saw her in such fancy dress


Source: オーバーロード10巻感想絵詰め by masiro
Full resolution:

“Right,” he says, moving to stand next to me. I turn my head, hoping to hide my face for just a little bit longer. “I understand, you know.”

Do you, Prince? Do you understand what it’s like to be taken away from everything you love, forced to be something else? To lie every minute of every day for the rest of your life? To know there’s something wrong with you?
—  Dialogue between Mare and Maven in Red Queen, chapter 13………… I’m,, fine