Cantered Sumi today for the first time since we started training. Usually she started running like someone wants to kill her and You can’t handle her, but today she was just great and I had no problems to hold her. I’m so proud of her. We aren’t working that long together, but she improves herself every day.
July ‘15.

nothing is better 💕🙊
so proud of my two darlings!
My 3 and a half years old had her first trot and canter on a trail ride today.. She was fabulous💖
And well, I was even able to lead Genna on horseback. Neither oft them did it before and both were so calm and worked perfectly with each other :>
Guess we 3 can soon have awesome trail rides together 😉

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Oggi al mare.

Mi è venuto in mente questo pensiero, un po’ come una metafora.
Quando sei a bordo mare, arrivano le onde, prima ti spingono e poi cercano di tirarti dietro con loro.
1 - Un po’ come le persone insomma, vogliono tenerti con loro ma poi ti spingono lontano dalle loro vite.
2 - Il mare ti spinge con sè perché vuole salvarti da questo mondo infame, ma alla fine, sarà il mare ad ucciderti.