Goddess of the Day: August 2

Saranyu - Indian Goddess of Animals.  The Hindu Saranyu is the mother of all animals, including mythic creatures.  She is the consort of the Sun God Surya, and is worshipped as the clouds and the dawn.  When She grew tired of the heavens and Her husband, She turned herself into a horse and ran away.  Saranyu is often depicted with the attributes of a mare.

(text from Brandi Auset, The Goddess Guide. Art by Louise Green)


In reply to privalla asking me so kindly how my weekend went.

I have decided to start training myself for a 5k. I’ve never been much of a runner but this is something I want to do in order to feel good about myself. My
Mister and I completed day 1 of the training in the app called C25K. It was 90• with decent humidity and our dogs tapped out just as fast as we did; but we all finished the first day slot. After that, I went and enjoyed some light riding on my horse. She was being such a little goof. That mare really has changed my life. And my evening has been spent painting and priming plywood for a church mural I am painting. I hope all my followers are having good weekends:

Tell me a few good things about your weekends? You don’t need to if you don’t want to.

La danza delle onde

Quando ti siedi in riva al mare e vedi le onde andare e venire, venire verso di te e poi tornare indietro, hai un po’ l'impressione di assistere ad una danza, ad un ballo galante in cui qualcuno ti sta invitando a ballare con lui, a farti trascinare in mezzo alla pista, a farti prendere per portarti in un nuovo mondo, quale il mare.
Ma hai anche l'impressione di avere a che fare con qualcuno che non avrai mai, che va e viene, che torna indietro sempre, che trascina ma non si fa trascinare, che prende ma non si sa cosa darà indietro perché decide solo lui cosa dare o restituire. Insomma, qualcuno da temere.
Allora sì, è affascinante accettare il loro invito, quello delle onde, immergersi piano piano e vivere il mare, tenendo però conto che bisogna stare attenti a come lo si vive perché lui ti potrebbe portare ovunque.