How My Heart Behaves || Mardoc

Marlene had to give it to Sirius, it was a fantastic party as they always were. People were happy, drinking, dancing and the music was actually bearable. Marlene’s hair that had earlier been perfect was now tussled, her cheeks flushed, her lips kissed numerous times and her mask was now long gone. She was now dancing with a handsome seventh year Ravenclaw who seemed to be really enjoying her Janet costume, as most of the other boys at the party had. She laughed to herself knowing that a good portion wouldn’t even know what Rocky Horror was and that she was just some crazy girl who went to the party in a white bra and slip. 

She had seen Caradoc a few times that night, and had avoided him at all costs. Partly because dew to the fact of how much alcohol she had had she wasn’t sure what she would say and partly because of their costumes. Of course he would go as Dr. Frank n Furter, the idea of making eye contact with him while she was in her underwear and he was dressed in a corset was just a little too much. However as she danced her eyes still sought out for him and when she found him he was practically passed out on one of the couches. Rolling her eyes and detaching the Ravenclaw’s hands from her waist she made her way over to him, not even saying hello before moving his arm over her shoulder and hoisting him up. “Come on, Dearborn, time to get you back to your office.” She said trying not to think about how it felt good to have his arm over her shoulder and just focus on getting him out the door. Because even if she was more sober than him, she was still be drunk.


A couple of years past since Marlene left Hogwarts, and both her and Caradoc had joined the Order of the Phoenix, as planned. At the last Order meeting, Caradoc suggested they meet up at Florean Fortescue’s new ice-cream place in Diagon Alley. Because ice-cream is great. She’d accepted Caradoc’s invitation, which was good news as Florean was meant to make great ice-cream and because he hadn’t spoken properly to Marlene in a good long while.

Caradoc arrived fifteen minutes before the arranged time, because he thought it was rude for a gentlemen to arrive after the lady. He was wearing a baggy cardigan that he hadn’t worn in ages, which he knew was a terrible mistake, it was shabby. He didn’t know why he was so nervous, he and Marlene had been a sort of thing since she was at Hogwarts, which was obviously kept a secret as Caradoc wanted to keep his job.

He got himself a coffee before Marlene arrived and drank it incredibly fast. And then he saw her, she walked into the ice-cream parlour really casually. Her face lit it up entirely. Caradoc smiled at her then pulled a seat out for her, and pushed it back in when she sat down. He also sat down and said, “Hello, Marls. What can I get you?”

Private Lessons || Mardoc

As soon as her classes were done for the day Marlene rushed to get out of her school robes and into some muggle jeans and a t-shirt that would be much easier to move around in, which was something she needed for what she was about to do. Her heart pounded as she walked down the stairs into the main common room and her hands shook as they finished putting her long blond hair into a braid. This was insane, this was a stupid idea that she had thought of in the heat of the moment and it was never going to work and all she was going to do was make a fool of herself. 

But what else could she do? She thought as she walked down the hall to the DADA room. Marlene had never and will never be one to just sit there and let things happen around her, she had to be in the action. The idea of not doing anything right now made her more nervous than the training. Besides this wasn’t just some random thing she wanted to be apart of, this was her family. Her flesh and blood, in danger and Marlene couldn’t do anything to help them, which made her feel anxious and weak. The two feelings she hated most in the whole world. 

She had been so wrapped up in her thoughts that she almost completely walked right past Caradoc’s door. Who knows maybe the part of this training would be being nice to him, but she knew that was wishful thinking. Hopefully what he would be teaching her was advanced, far more advanced than what they were learning in class. It would be a challenge but Marlene had always been fond of those. With a shaky hand she reached up to knock on the big wood door. As she waited for him she began to bite at her lower lip, a nervous habit she’s had sense she was a young girl.

Ticking Time Bomb || Mardoc

Marlene had never once in her whole life been a patient person, nor has she ever gone more than a week without communicating with some member of her family. It has been two weeks, 6 days and 21 hours sense the fateful day she received the letter from her mother and every moment that passed Marlene could feel herself growing more and more scared, paranoid, and angry. The worst part was how the school completely shut her out, how she didn’t have the faintest idea what was happening in the outside world and above all with her family. The family that had always been so close, who all linked together no matter what was being torn away from her and her emotional stability was going with them. 

And of course on top of everything she had Caradoc. Caradoc who the more she spent time with the more she grew to like. Well “like” isn’t the right word, more like loathed a little bit less. Along with being impatient, Marly has never been fond of change and her feelings for Caradoc, whatever they may be where definitely changing. So she’s been fighting it wether she is aware of it or not, which has of course led her yet another detention with her oh so favorite professor. On the bright side it gives her more time for the private lessons and on the dark side it’s over Hogsmeade weekend. This on top of her generally bad mood made the blond a ticking time bomb that could explode at any minute as she knocked on the door of Caradoc’s office.

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The sun shown through the windows of their flat slowly waking Marly up. Her blue eyes fluttered open and as she took in her surroundings a lazy smile spread onto her face. The windows were open letting in the warm fall air, making the white curtains ripple, and the blankets felt nice against her bare skin. It would be crazy not to smile right now. Everything was just…perfect, especially in a time when perfect and happy was as rare as striking gold. 

Once she woke up more she turned around to see Caradoc still fast asleep next to her his brown hair looking messy and soft. This made Marlene’s smile triple as she ran her fingers lightly down his back. There was something amazing about touching the person you loved, the feeling the their skin against yours was different than any other. It was solid and always felt new. It was like coming home, because Caradoc was her home now. 

It was one of the first weekends that they had to themselves sense the war ended, Marlene barely saw Caradoc anymore and when she did they were so exhausted all they could do was hold each other until they were able to find a peaceful sleep, which was another thing that was becoming less and less frequent. But they every year they gave themselves just one weekend, their anniversary, and it seemed like the war would be thousands and thousands of miles away. 

She closed her eyes, smiled and continued to stroke his bare back until she felt a shift in the bed and she opened her eyes to see Caradoc looking back at her, smiling back. The perfectness of it made laughter bubble up from her and he laughed too. Their laughter mingling together in the hair making one sound. When they stopped laughing he brought a hand up to her cheek, then her hair and then to the back of her neck bringing her closer so he could kiss her and Marlene happily agreed. 

It felt like they kissed forever. His hands in her hair and her hands on his waist. Their legs tangled together under the covers. Before she knew it they were she was lying above him and they were staring at each other happily and he was combing through her hair with his fingers. 

“Hey Car.” She said running a finger over his lips lovingly.

“Hmmm.” He replied playfully nipping at her finger.

“I’m pregnant.” She said quickly. Biting her lip either from trying not to smile too hard or nervousness she wasn’t sure.

Caradoc’s face at first was pure shock and then it broke into a beautiful smile. Probably the most beautiful smile she had ever seen and once again he kissed her. It was the happiest kiss possible, full of love and happiness. He kissed her cheeks and her eye lids and her nose and lips and forehead and Marly knew there was nothing more perfect then this moment. There was nothing more perfect then him and her and them together.  

“You’re going to have a baby…” He said once he was done kissing her, brushing a piece of her hair out of her face and his other hand sliding down to her stomach, he was looking at her like she was the most brilliant thing in the world. 

We’re going to have a baby.” She corrected him, nodding her head and smiling so wide she thought her face would crack. 

“We’re having a a baby!” He said again, still getting used to the idea, he was probably grinning wider than she was.