Oh New Orleans… Your hurricane drinks that come in a punchbowl caused me to get pretty drunk and take selfies atop my bathroom sink 😳🍹

Look at what appeared in the mail today! @cajunmmb is one of the nicest people!! (And she’s another one on here with a hottie for husband. Tumblr women got some good taste in men.)

She remembered that Moon Pies are my fave. They used to throw them during Mardi Gras parades in Mobile. I’ve seen peeps cut each other fighting over Moon Pies.

If you’re not following this sweetheart of a lady, you need to fix that!


Dreamer Mask: Beacon

3D printed, modeled in Blender. Material is white, strong, flexible. See more at

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(More details coming soon!) Dedicated to the makers, creators, entrepreneurs, and dreamers of the world. The Dreamer Mask: Emergence symbolizes the struggle that our ideas and dreams constantly face when trying to emerge. But if we truly believe in what we have to bring to the world, we’ll do whatever it takes to help them take flight. And when this does happen, the experience is truly beautiful.

This mask is wearable and you can also easily see through the eyelids :) It’s also a beautiful decorative piece for your office or home.

Lumecluster helps entrepreneurs break through fear and self-doubt through inspirational writing and 3D printed masks. Melissa is also co-founder of PianoVerse, a place for adult piano lessons in Queens, New York.