Ella has been aged to 17 months. From now on she will be aging normally (Turning two on June 23rd)

What she can do now:

  • Talking: Her vocabulary is expanding so she is starting to say all sorts of words as well as repeating (So watch your language some of you). She will now be talking non stop. Little chatterbox.
  • Walking: She’s mobile! She may not be the fastest or the most stable but she can now get to where she wants all by herself. (Mental note: Keep away from Armor Hallway)
  • Eating: No longer takes a bottle or nursed. (That stopped at 12 months) Is now able to feed herself solid foods. (Yay for not making two different dinners every night!)

*So this is what we are picturing her looking like. With the dark brown curly hair, but the other pictures are too cute so imagine her in the other ones haha*

Finding Out Lottie and Adam are Getting Married *Chokes*
  • Learnedtolovebeast:I will just go hide in my library and raise my daughter alone. Oh well I guess not. I have to go. I have to go home to the cottage in the poor provincial town because that's Adam's castle and I will just be a single parent raising Ella and replaced by Lottie and I will have to take care of a baby and senior citizen and die alone.
  • *Places hand dramatically on forehead* No No. You have a new wife now. She is prettier and better for Adam. I will just go.
  • LouisianaPrincess:-falls on top of Belle-
  • Learnedtolovebeast:No falling. You are his new love now. I will just go.
  • Take it. Take it all. My clothes, my room, my gardens.... *chokes* My library

I am so sorry this is 27 minutes long!

People I mentioned:

Lottie - mardigraprincess

Adam/Beast - thebeastbeneathmygrief

Eponine - liveagaininfreedom

Howl - howl-the-great-wizard

Simba - simbaofthepridelands

Mrs. Potts - offtothecupboardwithyou

Howl and Lottie Announcing their Engagement Reactions
  • Tianasalmostthere:*leans in real close and whispers in his ear* "you betta hope so, cause all the magic in the universe aint gonna help ya if you break her heart" *walks off to lottie pointing to her eyes and bake to howls mouthing 'im watching you'*
  • Learnedtolovebeast:Belle chuckled at Tia and looked back to Lottie. "Congratulations honey. We're so happy for you."
  • Sockstwoofem:Danny jumped up and down in the pool, splashing Howl. "Yay! We get cake!"