mardi gras heart

So his name is Brain then? I actually have no comment for this, it’s just too stupid and not even thought out correctly. I would have taken a Brian, I mean does this game think I can’t get a Brian, because I can get a Brian believe-you-me. Next thing you know, they’ll call Lauriam “Lowell” and we really /will/ have a friends joke reunion in the hall.

I guess all I can do is make the same statement I made twice already, I like Steven Crowder but fuck, I don’t need him in a Kingdom Hearts game.

Dolly Saeki's Adventures

While Nadsuke (or blackcatlady13 to the rest of the world) has been here, little Dolly Saeki insisted on going to see her too, “I want to see all the pretty ladies, honey” he cooed and I am powerless to resist that little dolly face

He very much enjoyed the view from Nadsuke’s penthouse suite and the panoramic vista.

He very much loved my birthday card from Nadsuke, but then he saw my gifts…

I don’t think he was impressed

At all.

But he did enjoy our Scottish heritage

Then, we decided to have a day out

He was a very good dolly on the train and drank in the views and the people, "Quick honey, take a photograph of me!  I want the others to see I’ve been here.“

Imagine his delight though as we were walking about when we ran into this fella

Dolly Saeki and his BFF Iron Man spent a while chatting together and reminiscing on the old days before we eventually managed to drag him away

Naturally, it would have been rude not to buy things in Manchester with so many wonderful shops 

But, I don’t think Dolly Saeki was impressed when we made him try on my bow.

Ever the smooth operator though, he presented us with a gift from the mardis gras to melt our hearts and probably to stop us from making him try on all the cute dolly things we got him.

Letting out a little dolly sigh, he stole himself away to the window to gaze wistfully out at the night sky.  Beautiful lights twinkling and sparkling in the distance and captivating his little dolly imagination.

After such a long and busy day, little dolly Saeki was readyfor bed as he eagerly called us to join him.  He fell asleep very fast and snoozed all night long.