Ash's Gender Journey

I was always a ‘tomboy’ growing up, but I was still girly at times. I wanted short hair like a boy’s, but I also really liked dresses. It was very confusing to me as a kid, because it was like I was stuck in between being a boy and a girl. There were many times I would ask my mom why she called me a girl, and she would say “Because that’s what you are.” But I knew it wasn’t right. Then I discovered Ashley Mardell’s ‘ABCs of LGBT’ (Which I recommend to everyone) where I learned about the term genderfluid, and I immediately knew it felt right.  Now, despite being closeted, I’m finally comfortable with myself.

luxelen  asked:

Brooke vs. Capricia, c'mon, give it to us Angel ♫ ♫ ♫

{…okay, I’ll do two for each and then… what would be the result of them actually meeting…}


“I Am the Fire” -Halestorm

“Going to Hell” -The Pretty Reckless


“Iris” -The Goo Goo Dolls

“I’ll Be” -Edwin McCain

The Result of Combining the Two:

“Psycho Killer” -Talking Heads

{Edit: This song is also… wholly appropriate when it comes to Capricia’s thoughts on Brooke…

“I Hate Everything About You” -Three Days Grace}

Me cuesta mucho conocer clientes nuevos… Pareciera que este trabajo fuera muy jodido y no lo pudiese soportar… pera la realidad es que no… Suele pasar que a la hora de agendar prefiero al conocido que ya se como se desenvuelve… genera mucha incertidumbre las personas nuevas… por eso en mis viajes a capital trato de que sean, como mucho, dos clientes nuevos. En mardel es diferente… estoy practicamente retirada… por lo que me manejo con los ya conocidos..

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