geektopea asked:

Imagine Bucky being found at Disneyland by Sam Wilson on the tea cups.

It’s surreal to sit in a teacup with the Winter Soldier, wondering what he’s going to say to this guy who Sam can’t get a read on and who stone-faces the entire ride.

After the teacups, Bucky looks at Sam.

“I didn’t see you on the television,” he says. “I thought I’d killed you.”

“You damn near did,” Sam says.

“I’m sorry,” Bucky says with the self-deprecating tone of someone who knows sorry won’t cut it. “I’m glad I didn’t.”

“I’m glad too,” Sam says. “So Disneyworld. And here I thought you’d lay low.”

“Nobody’s looking of me anymore,” Bucky says. “Not even Steve. Too many Ultrons.”

“Way too many Ultrons,“ Sam agrees. Bucky nods. His Mickey Mouse ears are askew.

“I want funnel cake,” he says. “Let’s go.”