9 Times Ms. Marvel Tackled Real Issues

By Sofía Marlasca (princessamericachavez)

Since its debut, Ms. Marvel has been a massive success with all kinds of audiences. Marvel has been applauded for the introduction of a new Muslim American superhero (not the first one, mind you) and G. Willow Wilson’s writing has been universally acclaimed. So much, that it seems Kamala will be joining the main All-New, All-Different Avengers.

There’s a reason for all these: Ms. Marvel is brilliant. And yes, it is culturally diverse and inclusive, but the real brilliance of this title goes beyond that. Wilson has managed, time and time again, to tackle a wide variety of issues many other comic books shy away from and it has done it in fun, innovative, and creative ways.

Kamala Khan has become, without a doubt, the voice of a generation: a way in for thousands of readers and fans who identify with a lovable geek who is facing this world one day at the time, with the earnestness and determination so many other heroes lack this days. Now, we bring you a collection of Ms. Marvel‘s most insightful moments so far.

1. When it portrayed how misplaced and disrespectful the “White Savior Complex” is:

2. When it talked about sexism within households:

3. When it talked about the unfulfilling reality behind pretending to be someone else:

4. When it showed us the supportive and caring side of Kamala’s strict parents and their reasons:

5. When it gave us this amazing “with great power…” level quote:

6. When it portrayed religious and authority figures as understanding and helpful, rather than demonizing Kamala’s culture:

7. When it talked about the way Millennials are treated:

8. When it talked about extremism and terrorism (and clearly showed how personally it affected Kamala):

9. When it talked about consent and victim-blaming:

We are very excited to see what else Kamala and the Ms. Marvel creative team have in store for us! And if you are not reading this title yet, what are you waiting for?

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anonymous asked:

Imagine that Steve Rogers, because of the serum, has amazingly intense senses. Smell, hearing (a la Matt Murdock) and always freak if the team out by being able to tell whether or not they're lying

It took Steve awhile to get used to it. He had gone from most of his senses running at maybe half of what they should have been on a good day to all of his senses extremely heightened in one day. Crowds had been horrible during the tour, and sleeping in hotels with already thin walls had made him extremely grateful that he now did not need as much sleep in order to run at full capacity.

During the war, he’d been able to notice things faster, to see things and hear things before the others could (except, curiously, Bucky, who would always see it a second or two after Steve). 

When he woke up, the sounds of the city had been excruciating, the lights blinding, the amount of people, their hearts beating, their voices loud and jarring. It had taken him a long time to get used to it all over again.

Now, he just likes to fuck with people. Everybody’s heart beat is different. Tony’s has a bit of a whistle because of the reactor, and when he lies, it kicks up a notch.

Clint doesn’t lie so much as he under or overexaggerates which is a little harder to tell, but even then, his heart has a tell–it picks up for a second before slowing back down.

Thor doesn’t lie at all, though sometimes he does hide things. Steve can tell when he’s doing that because of how quiet he gets, and how slow his breathing goes.

Steve can always tell right when Bruce is on the verge of Hulking out because his heart beats faster than any normal human could stand. It makes him pretty good at calming him when they don’t want the Hulk around.

Sam figures out Steve’s trick around two months after meeting him when he comments on how fast Sam’s heart is racing after he’d come back from a date with Natasha. Sam had hit him with a pillow. “That’s cheating!” he’d said, pouting at Steve’s continued teasing.

Steve can’t tell when  Natasha is lying. “I’ve met a guy like you before,” she told him, lips curled up slightly. “He taught me how to hide from himself.”