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Imagine Bucky attracting cute animals no matter how mean they are to other people

When they go for walks through the park, every single dog seems to want Bucky to pet them.

Bucky indulges them all with a patient smile, and Steve tries not to feel envious of the dogs even though Bucky smiles at them more often than at him. The number of times he hears “that’s so weird, she doesn’t normally like anyone!” is astronomical, and he always barely restrains himself from replying with “neither does he”.

Still, it’s good to see Bucky smile regardless of the cause, and the gentle side of him that comes out when he’s petting a dog reminds Steve that a lot of the things he loved about Bucky before are still present in him now.

When he starts to attract other animals, though, Steve’s not sure what to think.

"Is that normal?" Sam asks as they jog, jerking his head in the direction of Bucky, who’s sitting on a nearby park bench with a robin perched on his right hand, looking for all the world as though he’s having a very serious conversation with the fat little bird. Another bird is pecking at his metal fingers, attracted by the gleam of them in the sunlight; Steve knows that must hurt, because Bucky has sense receptors in that hand, but he’s not even flinching. A squirrel is curled up on his lap, fast asleep.

"Yeah," Steve says, shaking his head. "He says it’s only ‘cause he’s a sniper, because nobody else has the patience to sit still long enough." Sam’s raised eyebrow is so eloquent that it makes him laugh. "I know, I don’t buy it either. But they make him happy."

Sam starts calling Bucky ‘Snow White’ after that, and the nickname doesn’t take long to catch on. Natasha seems delighted by the Snow/Winter connection, and Tony quickly gets over his offense at someone else coming up with a good nickname. Bucky, surprisingly, doesn’t seem to mind a bit.

Peter: You didn’t even get a single cut tonight, nice patrol!

Ben: Thanks, Pa!

Peter and Ben would most definitely patrol NY at night together, so here’s sleepy and tired, but happy Ben :3

i have no idea how his suit looks from waist down, so i had to come up with something, i love Deadpool’s calf pads and i also thought Ben would use his legs a lot while fighting. Cause he needs his hands for shooting web, obviously OR using katanas, either way calf pads are awesome *U*


Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth, as depicted by:

-Joe Jusko.
-Mark Brooks (homage to J.C. Leyendecker).
-Gabriele Dell’Otto (homage to Marvel Comics # 02).
-Arthur Adams (homage to Detective Comics, Vol. 1 # 27).
-Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado.
-Arthur Suydam.
-Simone Bianchi.
-Dave Wilkins.
-Ryan Stegman.
-Ed McGuinness.